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13 hours ago · Metastasized lung cancer in Lung Cancer

@harleydog – Good for you. Can you keep in touch by computer?

16 hours ago · My 68 year old mom. I need support. Please! in Lung Health

@linda– I am so glad that you wrote this. We always need to be in charge of ourselves.

16 hours ago · Mood Swings Extreme highs and lows in Depression & Anxiety

Hello @iwishiwasanon – Welcome. I think that we all have reasons to feel different ways, otherwise we wouldn't feel things. For some people, even those who have had all the advantages that life has to offer, feel horrible things. We often times don't understand a lot about our moods. Have you been tested for Bipolar disease? You have a month to go on your insurance so pick your doctors' brains for all they are worth! Perhaps you could search for places that have group rates for young insurers?

17 hours ago · My 68 year old mom. I need support. Please! in Lung Health

@kristiemlove – I don't understand what you mean that the test results are too preliminary. Would you explain this to me please. Why, if this is so, does she need VATS immediately?

18 hours ago · Metastasized lung cancer in Lung Cancer

Welcome @harleydog– I'm sorry to hear about your dad. He has made a sane and difficult decision. I know that you want him to keep going and receive more than he has chosen. But now you have to respect his wishes. Hospice is a wonderful organization. Can you take a leave of absence from your job, if you work or move your family to your father's?I also think that hospice will offer more meds if needed and up the Dexamethasone steroid dosage as needed. If your father has a computer than your family can do face time or skype. You can have high quality time with him if you can't move. Does your dad have a computer? I also hope that you are taking care of yourself.

1 day ago · Facing Cancer Recurrence, PTSD & Acknowledging Mental Health in Cancer

Sakota- Here is a link to a great explanation to your question. It also show a picture of ground glass.


I don't want this to sound like a lecture, but here goes- Research brings knowledge that brings understanding that reduces worry. When we know the meaning of words we gain power over their implications and the decisions that need to be made. Often, as you know, radiologists pick up more things on CT scans than surgeons or oncologists. I always ask if a doctor has actually looked at the scan. If they haven't I ask that they do.
What does the radiology report say about the comparison to the scan just before this one?
subsolid morphology suggesting multicentric synchronous indolent primary lung cancers- actually means that there are more than one primary, indolent (not moving or growing slowly or inactive) half solid/half ground glass lesions. If these were on your previous scans than they haven't grown. Call your doctor and have him. explain.