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Feb 7, 2018 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Hi, Colleen and Kelsey. I am a male 74 years old. I just joined and posted in reply to another tinnitus sufferer. I had a spinal fracture, which has a proper name but it escapes me at the moment, about two years ago from improper lifting a very heavy object, and due to my doctors receptionist forgetting to make the appointment for me with a surgeon in a hospital for spinal surgery plus other delays not in my control resulted in a five month delay between the injury and surgery. He did a procedure of injecting a substance which hardened and lifted the affected spinal area to its correct distance between vertebra, but I have been getting random pains in various areas of my back, when I bend over to do something on one side of my back in the soft area between my ribcage and hip bone, up from there in another area on the same side alongside my backbone when I do something else, and a couple of other places, and these pains get worse the longer I do whatever I’m doing. I sit in my recliner for 15-20 minutes and the pain is gone but when I resume the activity, such as washing dishes, or doing something down on one knee, or bending over to pick things up off the floor, the pain comes back. Painkillers of any kind doesn’t touch it. Aspirin works for a back ache but doesn’t affect this stuff.

Feb 7, 2018 · Tinnitis in Chronic Pain

I have had ringing in my ears for the last 57 years since i was too near a Navy 5 inch gun when it went off (you’ve probably seen the 16 inch guns on a battleship) which is unbelievably loud. The concussion from it knocked me down and I was unable to hear anything for several hours until my hearing returned and with it…the ringing, which has only gotten louder over the years. It is quietest in the morning and loud noises and music makes it louder. My hearing began fading after I turned 60 and after I accused my wife of mumbling once too often, i went to an audiologist and got earing aids that addressed my hearing loss in the range most women speak in. They seem to help the ringing in that I can now hear better and hearing things seems to distract me from noticing the ringing, which is a fuzzy ringing. There are small sounds which I feel I could hear but they are in the same range the ringing is in, which drowns them out. The ringing is louder without my hearing aids. They are quite expensive, I might add. I hope this information helps anyone. Should someone develop a cure, I will try to be among the first to beat on their door to get it! I would give almost anything to be rid of my tinnitus! I would be happy with just the hearing I have now WITHOUT the everlasting damnable ringing.