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Jan 31, 2018 · Chest pain and lightheaded in Heart & Blood Health

Where to begin.. I guess about two months ago I got hit hard in the back by a trailer, about three weeks later I passed out, well blacked out, since I didn’t actually lose consciousness. And ever since then I’ve been lightheaded everyday all day, about three days after I “fainted” my chest started hurting, so bad I went to the hospital, they ran blood test, an ekg, x rays, and some kind of mri, they all came back negative, so the doc diagnosed me with anxiety, but it kept hurting so I went to my primary doctor, they did more blood test and a urine sample and again all the test said I was just fine, so he too diagnosed me with anxiety. I had to go back to the hospital two more times and everytime the test say I’m fine, not just fine, but my organs are working “perfectly” so trying to believe the five different doctors who say it’s all in my head, I went to a therapist, she was sure she could help. Well appointment three comes along and she listens to all my complaints and she looks me right in the eyes and says “this is beyond me, I can’t help you.” I was flabbergasted, but the worst is what she said next : “were you doing ay thing weird, possibly satanic when your symptoms occurred? ” now I’m just completely pissed of course. But now I have no other options, I have no answers as to why I constantly feel like I’m going to faint, why my chest and arm hurt. I’m lost and all the doctors are too.