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Jul 15, 2018 · Cost of stem cell therapy at Mayo in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Would stem cell therapy work for complicated spinal stenosis? My 65yo brother lives in FLA. Over the past 10 yrs or so has had many surgeries (about 4), had metal inserted, contracted Mercer, had to have metal removed. Told it cannot be re-inserted bc of the Mercer (which was treated and is gone). Now suffers from much pain, apprehensive but taking addictive medication and can't walk w/o assistance. Seems he has gone through all the surgeries, pain, rehab, etc. over and over gain for nothing – as is back to step one. Wondering if stem cell would help?

Feb 21, 2018 · Spider bite in Skin Health

I 'think' I've been bitten by the same. This occurred in 2016 and the sore, in the same area, returned in 2017 and just recently (2108) – two months after my dermatology appt. In 2017, I thought it was just weird or a fluke. But now that it has returned again (am currently dealing with the sore), I took a picture of the infected area and, if it comes back again in 2019 before my yearly dermatology appt., I will show and ask. Here is a good web-site which explains a lot about these types of bites, the symptoms and treatments. Unfortunately, for me, it doesn't say anything about the sore returning. Personally, I think these types of bites affect everyone differently. Hopefully your getting treatment from a doctor. https://www.webmd.com/search/search_results/default.aspx?query=brown%20recluse%20spider%20bite. Good luck

Feb 3, 2018 · Severe osteoporosis: Any benefit from stem cell therapy? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

There is a wonderful article on Stem Cell Research in Consumer Reports this month. Unfortunately, you’ll need a subscription to read it. It basically says that although many places advertise success with stem cell research, there are very few deceases and/or stem cell therapies/places that are FDA approved. So be very, very careful as CR provides cases where ppl have gone blind or died from such unapproved therapies. The article mentions the Mayo Clinic. The Clinic’s response was that their videos are meant to inform only and do not suggest that they are FDA approved for Stem Cell Therapy. So do your research thoroughly.