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Apr 26, 2018 · Empty Sella Syndrome in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Sherrilyne, you absolutely have all the signs and symptoms of Empty Sella Syndrome which is where the pituitary gland can be flattened, but sometimes still able to work, within the Sella which is a small bony structure within which the pituitary gland is held. The pituitary gland can also be damaged or crushed by, usually benign, tumours. The key to this is for you to have the relevant blood tests to see which, if any, of your hormones are not being sufficiently produced such as thyroid hormone lutenizing hormone, folicle stimulating hormone etc and on a more serious note that your cortisol and electrolytes in your blood are adequate. So, if in the UK go to your GP to get the ball rolling and if in the US or elsewhere book to have a consultation with an endocrinologist ASAP. Hope this helps. Darrell

Mar 15, 2018 · Empty Sella Syndrome in Brain & Nervous System

My original MRI revealed Secondary Empty Sella Syndrome my second MRI has revealed frontal and occipital lobe Small Vessel Disease "probably as a result of more than one previous head injury" according to CNS, apart from 2015 head injury I was a rugby player having had multiple concussions so this new information makes sense.

Mar 3, 2018 · Empty Sella Syndrome in Brain & Nervous System

Hiya, I'll be getting results from MRI on Friday next week so will keep you posted and I'll look in on Traumatic Brain Injury thread. Thank you.

Feb 7, 2018 · Link from encephalitis, car accident/being unconscious to depression? in Depression & Anxiety

Hello @lookingforanswers1957, there’s every chance that you could have suffered a brain injury resulting from the KO you received in car accident, the brain and brain based glands are very delicate. In my case a closed head injury, and only minor really, stripped the anterior portion of my pituitary gland clean off its stem leaving me quite debilitated; depression, memory loss, fatigue, impotence, mood swings etc, it was only picked up after a blood test then MRI months after the injury. In your case 45 minute KO there’s every chance that you’ve received a brain injury. I’m now under the care of a brilliant UK organisation known as HEADWAY, have a look at their website, it will give you loads of information and advice on brain injuries and symptoms etc whichever country you’re in it will still be relevant. I now have hormone replacement therapy which certainly helps. Good luck

Jan 29, 2018 · Empty Sella Syndrome in Brain & Nervous System

I was diagnosed with secondary empty sella syndrome in 2017, it is probably the result of a head injury in 2015, after the head injury, about 2-3 months I started getting extremely fatigued, memory problems, lost words, no libido, ED, moody, irritable. I saw my doctor for a bad chest, he looked at me and said he would take some blood as I looked “knackered”, I was not producing LH nor FSH and as such no testosterone, he then referred me to an endocrinologist who following an MRI started me on IM HRT which is struggling to get my numbers up but I’m told to be patient. The MRI showed that the anterior portion of my pituitary gland had been torn from the stem. My endocrinologist and CNS say that my symptoms are nothing to do with secondary empty sella, however, all of the evidence I read from other ESS sufferers is almost identical symptoms. I think the Drs are really not aware of the damage this syndrome causes. I have not felt like me since before my head injury, I think that guy has gone. I’m due a full head MRI this week to check for further brain injury as the first MRI was just pituitary specific. I’ve had loads of support from the pituitary foundation in UK and Headway Brain Injury Foundation.