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Tue, Oct 15 8:39am · Camptocormia in Spine Health

Been there done that but see what they can do for you

Tue, Oct 15 8:18am · Camptocormia in Spine Health

I tried two braces and neither would work. Bracing the hips and upper torso is hard and haven't been able to find anything else that works. People come and post and don't come back so you are the first person to make comments. I am getting worse but fighting it off as long as I can. Check your inbox I am sending you indo

Mon, Oct 14 10:49pm · Camptocormia in Spine Health

Read all that I have put on here and see what you think……….

Wed, Jun 12 8:56am · Camptocormia in Spine Health

I think that I have talked to you before, did the bio stuff not work out ?

Sun, Jun 2 9:25pm · Camptocormia in Spine Health

Please explain……..

Sun, Jun 2 6:19pm · Camptocormia in Spine Health

Type in " Upright Walker " I am using that to get around in. The regular walkers don't help at all as it burns the muscles in your arms. Agree the cane does not help at all. I have tried botox, phy theropy and just about anything I am willing to admit to including chiropractic. Lost money on that. Did try the star wars suit but if you touched me I would have fallen over. Braces don't help as I bend at the waist.and not much out there that will help that and have tried many but they tie me up. Since me first post which you can read above I have gotten much worse and can tell doing my daily activities but I still am fighting by staying busy. At times I feel at a lost but hopefully someone will come on here and have a solution that will work, hopefully.

Sat, Apr 27 5:52am · Camptocormia in Spine Health