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4 hours ago · Multi vessel stenting vs bypass surgery in Heart & Blood Health

Hi Cathy. I was at 90% on the LAD about ten years ago. My surgeon went with multi vessel stenting instead of bypass. after experiencing severe breathing problems in January, I underwent another cath only to find out that the two stents that were in my LAD had collapsed. So they re-opened them with two more new stents. I feel bypass would be a much better solution than to just keep stenting. When I mentioned this to the doctor, he said they won't do by pass for just one vessel (the LAD). If you can, go with the bypass. I think everyday what's going to happen next is I get another 90-95% blockage in my LAD.

Mon, Jun 15 10:25am · Taking Eliquis and Metoprolol for A-fib: Concerned about side effects in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Dr. "no need for pacemaker… as it would cause a scar". THAT is a red flag if I ever saw one. I'd get a second opinion fast.

Mon, Feb 3 9:32pm · Second opinion & question about stents in Heart & Blood Health

Hi EVW. First thing I'd like to mention is stress tests are good but not 100% which I hope your cardiologist told you. I say this because I had several stress tests done over time and every one said things were normal. Finally, I went for one more on a Tuesday and it said things were OK. Two days later on Thursday I had a heart attack and had three stents placed.

If you still have chest pain after a stress test shows nothing, maybe your doctor needs to do a heart cath. This will tell him/her anything a stress test doesn't. I believe that medicine and diet can help but it depends on the individual and extent of blockages. I have severe CAD and we tried every medicine out there and nothing worked. This is what has led me to have fifteen heart stents. I pray that things work out for you. But again, if your stress test shows OK and you still have chest pain, please talk to your cardiologist about a heart cath.

Oct 9, 2019 · Heart Problems, Cardiac Symptoms, But Test Results Normal in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi Jacob. I don't know who "they" are but telling you that you'll eventually grow out of it, I think it is time to find another doctor. cardiologist. I'll repeat exactly what Lioness said; if you don't have a cardiologist, you need to get one. Sounds like the two "specialists" need to send your records to another cardiologist so you can get a second opinion.

May 19, 2019 · Ongoing Chest Pain in Heart & Blood Health

I feel very sorry for you Loved1. I'am still going through this today. I don't go the the hospital anymore because I'm tired of being told they can't find anything wrong. I told my cardiologist the last time I saw him that this chest pain and trouble breathing use to be frustrating. It is beyond that anymore. I have had thirty-eight heart caths. I have fifteen stents, a pacemaker and had 5 angioplasty's. I know I have unstable angina and that is a problem. But this chest pain is ridiculous to the point I' am ready to just give up.

Mar 3, 2019 · Ongoing Chest Pain in Heart & Blood Health

The first thing I would have them check for is Afib. I would get like this off and on for years. I was told I didn't have it. Then, they discovered during my last cath, I had Paroxysmal Afib. They told me that this is Afib that comes and goes so it's not something you experience on a daily basis. I hope this might help you. It's very possible you may have this.

Oct 21, 2018 · Ongoing Chest Pain in Heart & Blood Health

If you haven't had a heart cath, I would ask your doctor why. I had chest pain and back pain on and off for a long time. Every EKG, stress test and Echo I had always showed I was fine. Finally, a heart cath showed six blockages, three that were over 80%. I'am just one of these people who have problems with heart disease even on the strongest blood thinners. I even went for a second opinion a couple months ago and that doctor wanted to do another cath. He found two more (one 80% and one 90%) blockages. Don't be afraid to ask why a cath hasn't been done. That test could save your life. Unstable Angina could be another cause of your problems. Also, the fluttering you feel could be a sign of A-Fib)

Aug 14, 2018 · Stuffed nose from CPAP in Sleep Health

Thank you for the responses. Yes, make sure I have plenty enough water every night. My son works for a company that cleans old houses and they sometimes use Vicks because of the smell but that is only occasionally. I'll look into that AYR. Thank you all again.