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5 minutes ago · Second Opinion in Spine Health

@upnort I have been reading all post about this cyst I worked in the O.R if it's a synovial cyst it is possible the neurosurgeon can drain it ? Have you asked the Dr about this I'm also a nurse retired

15 minutes ago · Local COVAD news in your state or area in Just Want to Talk

@imallears Good morning Mary For all my books I use Thriftbooks.com There are hardcover and paper books all ages new to classics
Stay safe I wish Jacksonville safety during convention

11 hours ago · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

@becsbuddy I was right with you today . My strength disappeared today .Yesterday I went with a lady who had her cataract out it was so thick it took longer and the wait was longer then I thought I'd be . She has a black eye today and sore . My hip was hurting me today so didn't do any either . Tomorrow I'll get back into it again . I did do some tonight . Guess that counts.

19 hours ago · Visual Escapes and Daily Inspirations: Share Yours in COVID-19

@gingerw The older roses remember had a beautiful smell and are invasive but the newer breed of roses don't have that lovely smell Wonder if it is the smell of them that brings the deer or not?

19 hours ago · Local COVAD news in your state or area in Just Want to Talk

@hopeful33250 Hi Gov Newsom gives daily newsbreaks and today is shutting down bars again they just won't listen to what they are told . To many people young mostly think they are superman/women so look out for this weekend in S. Dakota where they are going to pack in for the celebration .

19 hours ago · Sjogren’s Syndrome – Introduce yourself and meet others in Autoimmune Diseases

@lucillem72 I have dry eyes and dry mouth but often wondered if you can get a dry vagina also . this article Becky gave was interesting . If the dryness effects our mucus membrane why not ?

22 hours ago · Isolation: How Do We Handle it? in COVID-19

@shortstop80 Now that is god news Nancy . I hope you will stay that way . God bless you

22 hours ago · Local COVAD news in your state or area in Just Want to Talk

@rosemarya That is good to hear . We need more positive news like this at this time anyone else have any good news to share ?