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22 hours ago · Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Eating & More in Just Want to Talk

@imallers and all HEAT WE had a Dr. talk with us yesterday about staying cool . Hydrate more then usual as you are sweating also drink Smartwater or the like to replace your electrolytes, ICE under armpits,groin,behind knees and put your feet on the ice this will cool the whole body of course she said stay indoors with a.c. on wear light colored clothing. Know your medication some will be effected maybe by heat Have someone check on you Avoid strenuous activity,alcohol,caffeine. These where the Dr,s suggestions just passing on .

1 day ago · Post Laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder and umbilical hernia in Digestive Health

@tennisgolf I hope it isn't a staple . Maybe just a stitch that is caught in tissue of something. Give it a little while longer then see. Let me know what you find out . We care here at connect

1 day ago · Tinnitis in Chronic Pain

@imallers That is a funny show . I remember seeing the play in Greensburg Pa long time ago . I'm sure you will enjoy it. You could probably do the lines for her . Will do on the carnitine. Enjoy the play.One nice thing here in Long Beach we always get the marine layer and breeze from the Pacific . I wont swim in it to cold. I much prefer the Atlantic . Use to vacation in Ocean City Md. every summer

1 day ago · Change in Taste in Brain & Nervous System

@avmcbellas Your welcome . In the drugstore ORC they have mouthwash,gum,candy, and even toothpaste for dry mouth . Hope you get to the root of it

1 day ago · Post Laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder and umbilical hernia in Digestive Health

@tennisgolf Yes you can see on xray if there is a staple its just like anything in the body like I have wires in from heart surgery as my chest was opened . Pacemakers can be see its just a glob but lets you know something is there . Wonder why they staples the duct instead of using a stich that desolved like our surgeon in the O.R. did . Maybe that's the new thing? Talk to your surgeon

1 day ago · HELP!!! DOG BITE on nose—lose of cartilage and infection in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@kerrissad Welcome to connect . I'm concerned about infection setting in . I think I would suggest go see a specialist such as a infectious Dr. If the ENT isn't helping you need to see other Dr.s before it gets worse. Is there any drainage coming from the nose? Either way it needs to be taken care of by a Dr. Please let us know how she is doing .

1 day ago · Fibromyalgia in Autoimmune Diseases

@sundance6 I have heard they link Fibromyalgia and Lyme disease noe and there is a website that says it is coming from out gut its called now leaky gut . A Dr. in Palm Springs who use to be a cardiosurgeon on pediactric patient doesn't practice anymore and has developed a medicine that has several herbs in it. On the website fedupwithfatigue.com they talk about this blood test . I was diagnosed by trigger points that was all the rheumatologis new back in the 90,s I have started taking some of the herbs mentioned by the Dr. but of course the fibro malic Ive been on for years does help relieve the pain.

1 day ago · Tinnitis in Chronic Pain

@imallers . O.K.thanks I have seen it in Vitacost and the bluebonnet is fairly new I think Ive only seen it recently but others have used it just wondering I also use Dr.s best but am not sure of it . Think I,ll go with Jarrow products when I reorder . Is it still hot there ? So far we have only seen about 2 weeks of hot weather .