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2 hours ago · TENS Units in Neuropathy

@busterbrown You don't increase your pain it just relaxes the muscle so you nerve can be released also if it is affected . Just increase the amount to as much as you can stand dont go beyond this or you cause more harm them good . I use mine more on my back and legs I don't need it for feet but go only as high as you are comfortable with it . Am anxious to hear about this stimulator

2 hours ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@nancy82415 Thank you that explanation I had never heard of this before what a traumatic operation it must have been for you . I hope this has been a successful operation for you . Let me know will you ?

3 hours ago · TENS Units in Neuropathy

@rois4richo That is a new one I never heard of it before what does the EMS muscle stimulator do My Tens unit relaxes the muscle what else does the stimulator do besides relaxing the muscle?

3 hours ago · TENS Units in Neuropathy

@lorirenee1 I have used mine for along time it not only relieves your tense muscle but relaxes the nerve . You should try it .

3 hours ago · TENS Units in Neuropathy

@busterbrown How do you like them and do they help your feet? Just be careful at night I hold onto whatever is there to make it to bathroom my problem is balance my feet aren't as bad as others on here .

3 hours ago · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

@dmho Wow I didnt know he was on so many meds. Im late at responding as Im on the west coast.. If this will help you there is a website drugs.com that list the meds , interactions, and side effects of meds. The pharmacist can be of great help to you also about the meds .your Dad is on . Since you don't live close to him it may be of benefit for you to look up these drugs for interactions and side effects. His Dr should be aware of all his meds . also . Hope this helps

3 hours ago · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

@fiesty76 I had a nice away visit with a friend this past weekend so the next 2 days I just couldn't hardly get out of bed but did some stretching and used the resistance band feel much better today so will get back on track with my exercise and walking and it is much cooler her as mayofeb2020 stated

3 hours ago · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

@dmho Welcome to connect we arent Dr,s but help with our own experience with your problem. Have you gone to a Dr about this? or your parents.? We are all isolated now with covid and feel some depression I cant address to how you feel as I dont have this but the loneliness is enough to be depressed . Does your Dad just get out doors into nature and listen to the sounds around him of life of birds and other animals smell the flowers does any of this help him to feel a bit better . I pray you will find something for your Dad as you are a very caring son I can tell. Hopefully you will receive some more information from others who can address this better then I can , Thoughts and prayers to you and yours.