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3 days ago · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

Lisa, the perplexing thing for me is that I don’t need issues to trigger anxiety. It literally comes out of the blue. It’s as if I have a short circuit between my brain and gut. An electrical problem of sorts? But certainly when I have stresses, the anxiety attacks are more frequent. And my symptoms are as you described, only no chest pain.
I am now practicing TM. It is supposed to heal the damaging effects over time. We’ll see.

6 days ago · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

Lisa, do you get strong anxiety attacks that come and go, as I do? Or is it a constant feeling of just being on edge? I ask because I’m still sorting among the several types of anxiety disorders to decide exactly where I fit. Geeeeez!

Sun, Sep 8 8:46am · easily becoming stressed in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you one and all for your replies, suggestions and support. I do appreciate it! I’ll certainly share my progress and anything that may work for me in the hope that helps you too!

Tue, Sep 3 5:43pm · Anxiety Issues (with added GERD) in Mental Health

I am only a month into TM, but I feel vastly more relaxed after meditating. You need to be taught the technique by an experienced, qualified TM teacher. The science and research that has gone into this method of healing the nervousness system and maintaining its health, is impressive! You spend 20 minutes twice a day achieving “full consciousness” — a deep relaxed state of physical and mental being. Do research TM and you’ll learn far more than I can share here.

Tue, Sep 3 3:34pm · easily becoming stressed in Depression & Anxiety

I, too, become anxious easily and respond poorly to any kind of stress. My stomach is always in a knot — for no identifiable reason – and I get nauseous. I’m in my 70s now and truly believe my nervous system has become less resilient. My diet and exercise programs are excellent, and I have taken up transcendental meditation. I’m also on 20 mg of Escitalipram (Lexapro). But I still continue to suffer from anxiety attacks.
So I am going to wean off this med and go with natural supplements, plus acupuncture to see if I feel better using that approach. At this point, I’ll try anything!

Sun, Sep 1 3:19pm · Anxiety Issues (with added GERD) in Mental Health

I have had anxiety and anxiety attacks for about 3 years now. The feelings of nervousness, nausea, doom, etc. are horrible. Mayo ran me thru a battery of tests — all came back normal. I think this is the new me whether I like it or not. Aging likely has something to do with the imbalance — my nervous system is not as fine tuned as it once was and I can’t handle stress as efficiently. But I’m working on it!
I completed a course on transcendental meditation and have been faithfully practicing the technique. It has really helped me. I also take Escitalipram.
I never completely feel anxiety free, but with these aids I’m handling it better.
Hang in there, try different methods to find relief, and have faith. It’s a rough road, I know.

Sun, Jun 30 3:41pm · CBD oil in Depression & Anxiety

I was so excited about trying cbd oil for my anxiety until I was told by doc it interferes with my Crestor.:(

Sun, Mar 17 3:56pm · Escitalopram in Depression & Anxiety

I’ve been on 10 mg for 8 months for anxiety attacks. Not very effective. Doc upping me up to 20. Anyone having success on Escitalipram at this dosage?