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May 1, 2019 · Had spine surgery: Struggling with post-surgery depression in Spine Health

Isolation can intensify depression. Been there,done that. When I had a couple of cancer surgeries and relatives who all had employment commitments that did not allow them to visit me I certainly noticed my depression raise its ugly head. My suggestion is to find one or two people you can count on to come to your house and take you out to walk and get some fresh air. Who? Well, start with relatives, move to friends, neighbors. If you belong to a church or other place of worship ask for a referral to someone who can help you. During a particularly difficult personal time in my life I hesitated to ask for help as I felt too proud to accept that I was at a weak point and I truly needed assistance. A wise relative reminded me that most people are willing and maybe even eager to help. They just do not want to force themselves on you. Take a deep breath and ask. I would be very surprised if you hear 'no' three times before you hear a compassionate 'yes'.

Apr 28, 2019 · Prolia treatment for osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

To date I have had 3 Prolia injections. I have had no negative effects. Since it is expensive it is best if you check with your insurance people to verify that they will cover the cost.

Jan 22, 2019 · Craniopharyngioma surgery in Brain Tumor

I live just east of Mankato, so it is about an hour and a half drive which is a bit too long for me. Could an interested person from that support group send out a group email to those of us who are interested but who do not attend the meeting?

Jan 22, 2019 · Craniopharyngioma surgery in Brain Tumor

Hi, I am not aware of a support group regarding craniopharyngioma. My surgery was in June of 2015. At that time I was 62 years old. I would gladly share some insights with you and your mom. What questions do you have a this point? rubyjane

Dec 8, 2018 · Craniopharyngioma surgery in Brain Tumor

Hi, susieq8, I cannot speak to side effects because it sounds like your tumor is not in the same place that mine was. I did not have any annoying side effects after about six weeks. I did not have any chemo; I had proton beam radiation. Fortunately I did not get ill or even have headaches as a result of the radiation. I was more tired than before the surgery, but I considered that to be expected.

As far as prep for surgery I decided which aspects of daily life would likely cause me the most irritation if things did not go smoothly. For me that meant having enough comfortable clothing ready to use. I tend to live in t-shirts and I was concerned that a healing incision in my scalp might not be happy about having a t-shirt neckline being pulled over it. I made sure that I had enough button front shirts to use. It turned out that putting on a t-shirt was not an issue.

Also, since I am not a kitchen person when I feel just fine I knew that getting balanced meals meant having them ready ahead of time. I prepared and froze several days' worth of meals. When I felt that spending time in the kitchen just was not going to happen on that given day I knew I could go to the freezer, pull out a meal of foods that I knew I liked and simply warm it in the microwave.

Since I like reading and crocheting I had stocked up on reading material and yarn. I found that i did not have the energy or ability to focus well enough to read very much. I ended up watching a lot of TV and doing online games.

Ultimately how you choose to approach the weeks of healing that you will face will determine how well you do. There are plenty of good admonitions that are quoted too often to have much initial impact. But it is true that you need to ask for help when you need it and then graciously accept it. Take one day at a time. Believe that you are able and you will be.

Enjoy the holidays during December and approach your surgery date with confidence.

Oct 8, 2018 · Craniopharyngioma surgery in Brain Tumor

Hi susieq8, My surgery was a craniotomy because the location of the growth made the other options impossible to use. About one quarter of my scalp was shaved and the incision was closed with staples.

Oct 7, 2018 · Craniopharyngioma surgery in Brain Tumor

susieq8, Once my craniopharyngioma was found it grew faster than we had anticipated. It seemed very unlikely that waiting and watching would be beneficial. It appeared inevitable that surgery would be required. Since I was not experiencing symptoms that might have been anticipated it seemed wise to have the surgery promptly. I did not experience any hearing loss. However, after surgery I had double vision for about a month. It resolved as I healed and without any intervention. My suggestion is to do all the homework that you need to feel comfortable that you know all of the important information. Then as you go through discussions with family and physicians be certain to make the choice that is best for you. @rubyjane

Sep 9, 2018 · Share Your Brain Tumor type & Years since Diagnosis in Brain Tumor

Hi I was diagnosed with a craniopharyngioma in 2015. I was treated with proton beam radiation and the tumor has not reappeared.