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Dec 27, 2017 · Vitiligo in Skin Health

Hi! I have Vitiligo. I got it when I was 32 after I gave birth to my 8 year old. I do have autoimmmune in the family as my grandma has alopecia and my mom has thyroid and psoriasis. I have small spots in different areas of my body that have slowly been spreading. I have done a ton of research and tried lots of things. I have been doing the Autoimmune Paleo diet for 3 years. My spots did stop spreading when I started it for about 2 years, but they have started spreading again. I do laser on the spots at the dermatologist and also have a home unit. I am into essential oils so I found that using Bergamot oil on the spots and then doing laser has worked for some people. It did not work for me, but there were two other people at my dermatologist office that saw results after using the Bergamot that did not have results before. I also do accupuncture. In general, the laser and Protopic ointment is what I have used on a regular basis and I try all of the other things as well. I do organic spray tan to cover the spots sometime and try to stay out of the sun. Dermablend cosmetics is great for covering spots as well. There has been studies that the arthritis drug has been shown to repigment skin for vitiligo, but it is not approved for vitiligo so it is expensive and has a lot of side effects. I was told at my last appt. that they are trying to get the drug approved for viitligo so it would be a safer topical treatment. I hope this comes soon!