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Dec 22, 2017 · Chronic small bowel obstruction from adhesions in Digestive Health

In 2005 my dad and I took a trip to New Zealand for 16 days. Upon returning home, my stomach didn’t feel right. i thought Maybe I was hungry, so I ate more. Later that night I passed out from the pain and was rushed to the ER at Mayo In Rochester MN. I was vomiting bile and it extreeme pain. You all know the drill… NG tube and hospital stay. They did full regimin of testing. I had never had surgury before so they concluded with the obstruction that it was likely a tumor. I am a farmer and I had cows that would begin calving in 6 weeks in addition to all the other work so I chose to do the surgury soon rather than take a chance on waiting and having another episode during my busy season. They did the surgury pulling out all my small intestines out and running their fingers through it trying to find a tumor but there was none. I was the 5% odds of no tumor. However that was the biginning of my troubles. I have been in the ER for help 4 times but have had many, many occurances since. The last year has been the worst and it is getting much worse now. As soon as I figure out what is happening I stop eating and drinking. Then begin with liquids. I have survived this way for almost 13 years. Last spring I passed out agian from the pain and my wife called 911 because I was unresponsive for quite awhile. Vomiting occurs when it is bad but usually I don’t. I have tried some natural options but they take time or may not work at all so i am losing hope of any alternatives to surgury, but am still open to hearing what is out there. I have been on serrapeptase which is supposed to eat up non living proteins in the body(scar tissue) eating foods that are not inflamatory (breads, grains) and keeping some movement in everyday as sitting may be bad. I eat mostly chili and soups, other soft foods, but I am not perfect and seem to have a pulling in my abdomen often. If this does not get better I think I would like to try some invasive proceedure if there was a good prognosis. I would like to learn more. Thanks all.

Dec 22, 2017 · Chronic small bowel obstruction from adhesions in Digestive Health

Hello, I am new to this discussion. I am not new to bowel obstructions from abdominal surgury in 2005. I have had small intestinal blockage several times in the last 12+ years since my original surgury. I have been hospitalized 4 times over the years and had numerours blockages that I have been able to deal with on my own by stopping consumption of food and liquid and then slowly introducing liquids and then soft food. However, this fall I have had numerous obstructions and it has been an almost weekly occurance. I was mostly good for a lenth of 6 weeks on soups and chili, scrambled eggs, smoothies and such. 6 days ago I had another episode. I have been unable to bring soft foods or even liquids into my diet without extremely small portions over a period of time. I am losing hope. I have tried to deal with this naturally, with diet and excersice. I would like to know more about other options as I am losing ground as it the obstruction is getting worse. Have there been any advancements in surgical proceedures that are having good results? Other natural options that others have found useful? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks