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Tue, Jul 2 3:08pm · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

🙁 glad you still have central vision though. Hope you're not planning to kick off any time soon!

Mon, Jul 1 12:10pm · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

Hi Jake,
I take two fish oil pearls each morning and they keep me from having to use eye drops except in the driest weather (December-March in MN). I am not great at preparing food with my eyes open much less closer so that is impressive! Sounds like you would still need to use eye drops (after googling drusen in the fovea–yikes. You've probably already done this, but I'd get in to a macular degeneration specialist's office asap).

Mon, Jul 1 10:43am · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

I'd like to second @sandij–I take it for dry eyes! 🙂

Tue, Jun 18 10:45am · Loss: What Do You Do When There is No Closure? in Loss & Grief

Good morning,

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, and that you were unable to participate in her official memorial. You may have to create your own, very personal memorial of sorts. You and your friend shared moments together that belong to only you and only you would know how to memorialize that.

But even that may not bring what you seek. Closure is a strange animal; it can come quickly or take years.

Wed, May 15 7:54am · "WHY BOTHER?" What can we do when we are stuck? in Depression & Anxiety

Your fear doesn't sound at all silly. Not sleeping well + already in pain + dogs that can't help if you fall — sounds like a recipe for disaster. Is there anyone else that can/would take on the house/dog sitting? It would be so much more nourishing for you to start on that secret garden, imo. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Thu, Apr 4 8:12am · What if the generic antidepressant causes me relapse? in Depression & Anxiety

I would be apprehensive too! Is there any chance the physician can prescribe another medication? I have only had trouble with a generic med once and was switched to a different generic med. This worked for me.

Thu, Feb 28 9:44am · Fasting as a weight loss strategy in Just Want to Talk

Good morning! I have many questions but the first is, what is meant by "18:6"?

Tue, Feb 5 1:23pm · Just started Xanax...anyone have experiences to share? in Depression & Anxiety

Hello @alanism, the advice I got from the vet was that if a puppy is 3 months old, it is safe to leave the puppy in a crate for 3 hours. 4 hours for a 4 month old, and so on. Enjoy that puppy!!!