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Dec 14, 2017 · Stiff Heart in Heart & Blood Health

In June 2017 ankles swelled to football like sizes. Went to hospital, told heart failure, laxis 40mg every twelve hours for five days then to cardiologist and PCP. Told right sided heart failure, had tons blood taken when on lasix BUN high and GFR Low off after a week BUN high normal GFR is 60. Weighted self daily then a week ago the show started again Lasix 40mg p.o. for three days ( lost 10 pounds of water) had labs before Lasix normal, after kidney fuction down. More labs Monday. Inbeyween had to have knees scoped and told maybe a year before replacements needed ( both done at same time, and it does hurt) As well after first income tax have red patches under skin on arms, looks like blood blisters but never bleed only under skin, very unsightly. I’m 68 and up till knee surgery did hour a day of hard excersise. It seems like a merry go round, Lasix ro take water offf then kidney dysfunction. On a Beta Blocker for years. Had PVA in 2002 for rapid A- Fib. Still get runs of it but not bad. This not how expected to get old! May as well be dead ! Great retirement, living in a lab or a physicians office. .