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Oct 17, 2018 · ~ Lonesome ~ in Mental Health

@gailb Hello! I am sorry to hear about your wood finches. Forty years ago I had a cockatiel and a parakeet that brought much joy in my life. I didn't know a whole lot about them either but did with parakeets. The family grew up with them. I bought their food at the corner store not a pet shop. They both developed a beak disease from stale food and I had to put them both down. I think of them often and guilty for not looking after them better. I make sure now with Baby that his food is fresh. Nowadays we have expiry dates on food. We all make innocent mistakes and blame ourselves for a lifetime for them. I love cats. They make me laugh so much. They can cuddle also not like birds. Great companions and love the posse effect 🙂

I hope to have the left carotid artery done if the surgeon will agree. I live in Canada and the operation is free but not sure how far free is, if they do the left. It's 80% clogged and could have a stroke anytime so I hope he will. I could have a stroke tomorrow as well during the operation. What I am worried more about is if I do have one, there is really no one that could look after me. My brother is waiting for an operation to get a pacemaker and looking after his wife that is ill with COPD. I have it also. The only smokers in our family clan. My faith is with God and he knows best. I appreciate your thoughts for me tomorrow and best wishes. I also have plenty of plaque in the stomach also. It all started when my practitioner nurse decided to test both arteries for heart beats and from there I've never looked back with tests and more tests. We don't have many doctors here because they don't make the money like the U.S, so they all moved to the States. We have very little heart surgeons and the wait was 4 months to get this operation. Baby boomers in Canada beware!! They will die waiting to see the surgeon.
Ok done talking.. I am so stressed right now … have been eating sweet and salty foods all day and smoking too much!! Will be glad it will be over tomorrow Gail. Take care of your self and will keep you posted when I get back.


Oct 17, 2018 · ~ Lonesome ~ in Mental Health

@lisalucier – sure will! Thanks!

Oct 17, 2018 · ~ Lonesome ~ in Mental Health

@windwalker Thank You very much for your well wishes and Hugs back from me and Baby! 🙂

Oct 17, 2018 · ~ Lonesome ~ in Mental Health

@parus Bless your soul for saving him!! No, I haven't tried to teach him whistle tunes. He's a good whistler. I will try and do that parus. Thank You and happy that I made you happy. Your a dear heart and wish you well. Hugs!

Oct 17, 2018 · ~ Lonesome ~ in Mental Health

@lisalucier Thank You for asking about my parakeet, Baby. He's a sweetheart of a companion. Very social and he's the only one I talk to mostly daily. He's easy to take care of and also cheap on food etc. Buy him a few toys and he plays with them all day. I have taught him to speak quite a few things and he also sings, in his own way. I am teaching him to say trick or treat atm. Right now he's at my brothers because I am going into surgery tomorrow on my right artery in my neck. A piece of plaque has broken up and floating around. My left artery is 80% clogged so I hope the surgeon has picked the right artery to operate on. I worry I won't be walking out of the hospital!! I am terrified. Off subject (sorry). I love my parakeet and if anyone would like to get one for companionship, get a male, they talk more.

Love you all, Lorraine 🙂

Jul 5, 2018 · ~ Lonesome ~ in Mental Health

@parus Hi Parus… I have a parakeet (budgie) and they are wonderful company. I talk to him all the time and he mimics what you say. So you have to be careful what you say LOL. He's always talking and loves to socialize. Cheap and easy to look after. Fresh food and water every morning and can change again if it get's low or the water is dirty. I bought a male one because they supposedly talk more.
Just a suggestion… I am a loner and talking to someone really helps. Don't have much friends. Take care my dear. Hugs 🙂

May 11, 2018 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

@parus The drawing is beautiful. You have to put a lot of feeling into it to create the story 🙂

May 8, 2018 · Anyone try Abilify? in Mental Health

Yes, I did try Abilify and I felt so bad mentally that I almost went to ER, it was that bad.