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2 days ago · Side Effects of Metoprolol? in Heart & Blood Health

I had many side effects from Metoprolol and whenever I would call the cardiologist's office I would get the same answer…..the benefits outweigh the side effects. Besides the metoprolol causing a very low pressure he also had me on Xarelto , that was just as bad for me and I still had the same answer, the benefits outweigh the side effects without even trying a different dosage or med. I was also on aspirin. . One of my many complaints over a nine month period was every night I had gums bleeding and averaged 2 to 4 hours sleep.I asked him how can I heal when my body is not getting rest ? I went to a new cardiologist he changed the blood thinner to Eliquis and changed the Metoprolol to hydrochlorazide 12.5 mg.once a day. I sleep longer and no gum bleeding ! I am also off of aspirin . I do have AFIB but we are going to wait and see how that goes. I love my new cardio doc and very disappointed at myself for waiting so long to seek another opinion. Never had any real health problems until I had the open heart surgery….now I have severe fibromyalgia and on medical cannabis. I suggest anyone that has any issue with any med that gives you bad side effects to contact your doctor or seek another opinion.

Sun, Jun 16 11:38am · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

Thank you ….Many seem to be having problems with Tinnitus again….maybe the weather here in Illinois is effecting it too. I'll see if our Walgreens has that med……Thanks again. Have a Blessed Sunday !

Sun, Jun 16 11:16am · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

That's too bad . My cardiologist's daughter is on medical cannabis for headaches. But, like prescription meds everyone reacts differently. I have had a headache for quite a while but it's Tinnitus , another problem that many seniors face, no cure and they haven'e a clue how it starts. Tinnitus comes and goes. Ugh !

Sun, Jun 16 11:12am · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

It probably had THC in it…..CBD oil that can be purchased without a prescription or medical cannabis card .

Thu, Jun 13 10:46pm · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

I also have fibromyalgia and the indica tincture at night works wonders……I take half of the dropper , if I wake and feel any pain I will take a little more…..the CBD 100 % tincutre is normally during the day, I take 2 sprays and I'm good but I still use the CBD spray on my knee..You really have to try different amounts and just like pres. meds you have to see what works for you.

Thu, Jun 13 10:40pm · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

You wan to get the Indica…..I use the Indica tincture mix for sleep and pain…..during the day I use just CBD tincture, if there is a latge % of any THC in it I can't tolerate it…..Indica is calming and staiva is more for depression…..I tired an equal amount of THC and he CBD oil but that was not for me. Those at the dispensary say that smoking the cannabis effects the pain the fastest. I tried it one day and really did not want to smoke it again…the tincture's are the best for me even the Indica edibles worked well for sleep and pain. And, although it's medical , insurance does not cover it and it is very expensive especially when trying to find out what works best. It's a cash business, no credit or debit cards, strictly cash.

Sun, Jun 9 12:50pm · CBD Daily Spray and blood thinners in Chronic Pain

Dear Catmon…It is difficult but there are always others that are worse. I am also a widow for 26 years so it makes it more difficult to cope. I do have a daughter that I adopted from birth 4 years after my husband passed but she has had medical issues too , so the stress from worrying about her is always there. I have been blessed to have many friends. When I called the cardiologist I originally had and telling him about all the side effects he suggested I see a counselor and a physiatrist !!! I thought well…why don't you change my meds and listen to what's going on…..I did see a "shrink" but that was more meds and he wanted me to see a counselor at $185.00 an hour ….I didn't see the counselor …I wish I lived closer to Mayo Clinic as I certainly would have gone there from day one and would probably be living a decent life. There is a difference of quality and quantity of life. I stopped the phych meds as it seemed the side effects from those were just as bad. I hope you have peace on your next trip and hopefully your doc will give you some pain meds that work better for you .

Sun, Jun 9 10:55am · CBD Daily Spray and blood thinners in Chronic Pain

Morning AFRobin….Are the synvisc shots know as gel shots ?