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3 days ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@parus – I like the idea of a recipe thread – maybe even broader to include recipes, food, and healthy eating. Would you like to start the thread? If so, great. If not, I would be happy to start one. I think it could have a positive outcome in collecting all of these great "foodie tips" in one place and then leaving the Gratitude thread with more focus on the original purpose. I'm happy to help in any way, just let me know what you all think.

3 days ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

I am so so grateful for the results of my 2 week check up after my total knee replacement. Best news: I'm released to drive, 2nd best: I can take off those awful compression hose and not have my legs feeling like little sausage links! I'm just lacking a couple of degrees on getting full extension of my knee and I have 114 degree flexion – which the doctor said was usually just about 90 degrees at this point. And I've been using the cane instead of the walker for more than a week. So… the doctor was really pleased and even though i know I have lots of recovery and plenty of PT in my future, I feel like I'm over the hump.

Thanks for all of your good wishes and warm thoughts.

6 days ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@gingerw I LOVE that you call your step daughter your bonus daughter – and vice/versa. That is so sweet. Here's a similar one. My daughter in law calls me MILLY (she says it stands for: Mother In Law and Love – Yeah!) so of course, I call her DILLY!

@lioness – I'm thinking you have a pretty great DIL yourself. Glad she invited you for your gradson's drumming program in March. Take pictures and share with us.

I grateful for all of the great camaraderia of this group. All your talk about food has finally made me hungry. Last night, my husband made meatloaf (I walked him through it step by step.). It was delicious with mashed cauliflower and salad. Thanks for all of your chit chat about food. I've been loving it.

3 days ago · burning after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Hi @jetter – Welcome to Connect! I just had a TKR two weeks ago (thankfully w/o the burning sensation you describe). @connie1559 is right that there's a wealth of knowledge on TKR's in this forum. And @contentandwell is spot-on regarding the fact that every single TKR is different – not just every person but every surgery. I've been fortunate with my recovery, but my right knee was much slower than my left in almost every aspect of recuperation. Can I ask when you had your surgery? Also, aside from the burning sensation, how are you doing with range of motion and strength in your knee – and with pain management? I find that if I can control the pain and inflammation, I don't have as much swelling so I do better at my PT exercises.

3 days ago · stem cell alternative to hip replacement in Joint Replacements

Hi @rick4rj – Welcome to Connect! It's a great group of caring people here. I haven't had to deal with hip replacement issues – my knees are my weakness. And I just had my second TKR two weeks ago. Also, I haven't had experience with stem cells although an acquaintance of mine did and she seemed guardedly optimistic the last time we spoke. If I could ask a little more about your background, are you in a lot of pain? Is your orthopedist recommending hip replacement? There is a thread on stem cells that might interest you at this address. It's focused on rotator cuffs but still lots of good information:


Also.. a comment about stem cells w/ TKR


6 days ago · Nerve damage after hip replacement surgeries in Joint Replacements

Hi @holybible, Welcome to Connect! i'm sorry to hear about your nerve issues. It definitely sounds frustrating after several years of dealing with surgeries and injections. I haven't had a hip replacement (my knees are my issue). But I know that there are a number of people here who have had them. I'm going to tag some of our Connect members to see if they can share their insights @mariemotte, @laura1956 @scottb32 and @jdsugg. Also, there are others who may have more direct experience. And, here are a couple of threads that may be helpful



I'm curious, did they diagnose the meralgia paresthetica immediately after the hip replacement or was it later in your recovery? I'm wishing you the best.

6 days ago · Scar tissue remains two years after TKR & Manipulation of Right Knee in Joint Replacements

Hi @marthajean – I just had a left TKR on 1/29/19. My right one was done 4/18/17. At this point with my recently replaced knee, I'm just doing in-home PT. I do several bending and stretching exercises along with 10 minutes on the stationary bike and a walk outside using my cane. However, I remember that as part of the PT for my right TKR, I did leg presses when I started out-patient PT. Of course my therapist was right there to watch me, but there were no problems with that. I agree with @contentandwell about moving the seat of your stationary bike. That is one of the exercises I do daily, whether my therapist is here or not. Also, when I was just recovering and couldn't push the pedal all the way through, my therapist suggested just going back and forth as far as I could to loosen it up… then when it felt like I could extend enough do it with a backward instead of forward pedaling motion. That helped me get started. And even now if I am especially stiff, I try that little exercise to loosen up before I go at it full throttle. I'm wondering whether you are having more problem with the range of motion and mobility, or is pain your biggest issue?

Thu, Feb 7 5:03pm · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

I have loved reading about all the slow cooker food! You all make me smile. I'm grateful today for in home physical therapy. Today my therapist got me outside for a walk. We walked from my house to a little nearby lake. My knee is doing great and I'm slowly getting back a little appetite and some clearing of the brain fog. Every day is a little tiny bit better so that's good!