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1 day ago · Numbness in foot after tkr in Joint Replacements

Congratulations @irol and welcome to Connect. Sounds like your recovery is going very well. I have had two TKRs – the last one in Jan 2019. I agree with you about the importance of working hard on PT. I'm looking forward to being able to take long walks in the morning – I used to do 10.000 steps a day. You mention being active before your surgery. Is there anything you are especially hopeful about getting back to? Best of luck in your recovery.

1 day ago · Knee Replacement: Discharged from PT due to insurance in Joint Replacements

Hi @dkapustin – I'm so sorry about your insurance issues. In answer to your question about pool access – my pools at the wellness center and the community pool have a handicapped seat that allows access for those who can't get in or out via the steps. Have you checked out your pool? Could you talk to the managers of the pool for more information?

1 day ago · Unable to sleep after TKR in Joint Replacements

Yep… I'm agreeing with the others. Take your pain meds. I took oxycodone for 9 weeks the first TKR and 5 weeks the second TKR. Some told me to try extra strength tylenol. It did nothing for me. I transitioned to Tramadol. At the end, I was just doing one before bed and one before PT – but it was terribly important to me to do my physical therapy and sleep. I don't know of anything more important during your recovery. Have you transitioned to anything after Percocet?

2 days ago · Wondering about anesthesia and pain control post TKR in Joint Replacements

@lblazina – I think you are going to do great. I gotta tell you that I knew when I needed my first TKR when just doing laps with a kick board caused pain. Sounds like you are strong and ready! You go girl.

2 days ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@jakedduck1 – Jake – so sorry about your mom. I think its harder when our loved ones have problems and pain than when we do ourselves. So glad you have good friends to help. Hoping all goes well.

3 days ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

What I am grateful for: I found a drycleaner that will wash my precious king size quilt for $19.99. It wouldn't fit in my washing machine and this was the highlight of my day.

What I am NOT grateful for: When I dropped off my quilt, someone stole my handicap tag of my rear-view mirror. Granted, I should have locked the car door and didn't. Granted, I am reaching all of my walking goals after my knee replacement and I really don't need the handicapped spot. In fact, at the grocery store, I don't even use it because I think someone might need it more than me. But really? What kind of low life steals a handicap tag? I would not want that kind of karma coming back at me!

3 days ago · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@damewocane – Do you have flexibility in your own life? If so, and if it really bothers you, I would consider talking to the surgeon about your concerns and maybe rescheduling.

3 days ago · Wondering about anesthesia and pain control post TKR in Joint Replacements

@ellerbracke – LOL. I thought you said "become a part-time warrior." (OK. Maybe I need new glasses) But I was inspired! I thought. OK. I could do that too. When I re-read it, I liked "part-time worrier" even better. That will be my goal too! You have provided double inspiration for me today!