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Nov 26, 2019 · Involving Caregivers in the Dementia Healthcare Team in Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

This is excellent and once again reminds me how lucky we are to have HABIT and all of Mayo's HABIT team in our lives! If I had to pick my #1 wish in this list it would be that the provider allow me, as the caregiver, separate time to share concerns privately. There are so many times that I don't want to bring up something that might be upsetting to my husband OR I need a fuller explanation and I'd rather have it privately… I don't think I have ever seen one health care provider that allowed time to talk to me privately about my observations or concerns. I've learned to use the portal freely to share my concerns and observations and to ask for information.

Nov 25, 2019 · Activity for elderly to engage the mind in Caregivers

Hi @momkids – Thanks for the great idea. I bookmarked the page. I'm going to use it for a Christmas gift for my husband too. Does your husband have a favorite?

Nov 23, 2019 · Atezolizumab+bevacizumab+carboplatin+paclitaxel (IMpower150) in Lung Cancer

Hi Jia, I live in St. Augustine. I'm sorry I can't answer your specific question about your treatment options, but I can tell you that Mayo Jacksonville is outstanding. Before we moved here, we were in Boston and used Mass General. I despaired of finding that same quality of medical care, so I was doubly delighted when I found Mayo here. I have so much confidence in every single person I've worked with. I think @seaspray – gave you the best advice suggesting a call to the oncology department. I see that you planned to make that call. Fingers crossed that it works out.

BTW, I think you and your husband are going to love Palm Coast. Our favorite Italian restaurant is there in the European Village. It's called La Piazza. If you like Italian, don't miss it! Also, my favorite quilt shop is there. Best of luck continuing your treatment at Mayo Jax – and with the move.

Nov 10, 2019 · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

Hi @hopeful33250 – I haven't been on here much. I'm taking a break. My husband had an accident and we are both recuperating. But I did see Virginia's blog and I loved it. It reminded me of what is important. Thanks for sharing this.

Oct 28, 2019 · Mako TKR in one month; had stem cell, PRP in Joint Replacements

Hi @contentandwell – JK, they quit measuring when I got to 130 and of course, it's been months now since I've been at PT and that's the only way I've ever gotten an accurate ROM measurement. Yes… I think my doctor was very pleased with the recovery and interested in seeing the differences since the two knees were done within 2 years of each other.

Oct 28, 2019 · Mako TKR in one month; had stem cell, PRP in Joint Replacements

@saeternes – Sure, I'm happy to share my recovery story! In 2017, I hurt my knee and long story short, my ortho surgeon had me in physical therapy for a couple of months before my first knee replacement. That was a huge help. My knee was replaced on 4/18/17 and when I was released from the hospital, my ROM extension/flexion was 3/105. I started in-home PT on 4/21. By one week, I started using the stationary bike and my ROM was 5/120 (I'd lost a little on the extension, but gained a lot on flexion). I just used the walker for a week and transitioned to a cane. By 2 weeks, I could walk in the house w/o a walker or a cane, but I used the cane outside. At three weeks, my ROM was 0/120 and I started to drive. At that point, I went from in-home PT to outpatient. My last PT visit was 9 weeks. I used oxycodone for 9 weeks, but at the end it was just one at night to sleep.

On my second robot assisted TKR, I asked my ortho-surgeon for a prescription for "pre-hab" so I could prepare for the surgery. I had the surgery on 1/29/19 and when I was released from the hospital my ROM was 5/110. I started in home PT on 2/1/2019. I only used the walker a couple of times when I got up at night to go to the bathroom. Before the first week was out I was using the stationery bike and I had transitioned completely to a cane. At one week, I could do 20 minutes on the bike and walk outside with the cane. At two weeks, my ROM was 0/128. Two weeks also marked the point where I could drive so I ended in-home PT and went to outpatient. At three weeks, I walked a full mile. My last PT visit was 8 weeks but I didn't really need that much – the prescription was written for 8 weeks so I used it all. I used oxycodone for 5 weeks, but at the end it was just 1 to sleep and maybe one before PT.

Second time was much easier all the way around. Let me know if I skipped anything that interests you. Will you keep us posted on your prep and recovery? I'm pulling for you.

Oct 28, 2019 · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Hi @gmajudy – Welcome to Connect. I'm glad you found this site. Lot's of great people and good information here. I'm guessing from your reply that you had a knee replacement and you've been having challenges with the recovery. Do you feel like sharing more about when you had the surgery and what you are dealing with now?

Oct 28, 2019 · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

@tooyoung – first I want to welcome you to the Connect community. I'm glad you found Connect! It sounds as if you have had a horrendous battle that encompasses so much more than just the issues usually associated with joint replacements. My heart goes out to you and I'm hoping that the path gets easier as you move forward. I'm wondering if you have had time to explore some of the other Connect groups here? I would definitely suggest that you take a look at the Chronic Pain group. You might also look into the group for Anxiety & Depression. Do you think one of these groups could offer you more help in your current situation? I'm wondering what kind of feedback and discussion you think would offer you the most useful?