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Thu, Aug 1 4:56pm · Reunion get together at Rochester in Transplants

We go thru Durand to Wabashaw then Plainview straight into Rochester from Eau Claire WI

Thu, Aug 1 4:38pm · Reunion get together at Rochester in Transplants

Hi @cmael I live in Eau Claire Wis so when I go to Rochester I go south

Thu, Aug 1 1:08pm · Reunion get together at Rochester in Transplants

Yes Rosemarya I did get in the pictures one has me wearing my all to familiar yellow mask I forgot to pull it down that's the one with for the gift of life transplant hour photo I'm the one sitting the the dark blue and white checkered shirt and cane then I'm also in the one for the heat and lung picture that one you can see my face. I had fun at the picnic and I got to meet some new friends and my very first transplant coordinator Jody Hanson that I had before my transplant it was so good to see her and talk to her again I even took a couple of pictures with her and gave her a hug I will be at next year's picnic most definitely I didn't do any games but did stay paint my hair which was only temporary thankfully as I'm allergic to the hair paint talk about itching all afternoon luckily I only live 2 hours away from rochester

Sat, Jul 20 6:23pm · Reunion get together at Rochester in Transplants

Hi @rosemarya
I actually got registered through the transplant clinic I called and they put me thru to the lady that does the registration for the transplant picnic there at the transplant clinic and yes I will share my experience with you all this we I'll be my 1st time going since my transplant. Wanted to go never had a vehicle or the time as I was taking care of my mom when she was alive oh and I don't drive also and wasn't able to go last year due to my accident and surgery to repair my ostyme and Iliostyme but I am looking forward to it this year but have to admit to being nervous about going but I know it will be fun I try to keep up with all the activity on mayo connect with the transplants. I'm doing good I have finished physical therapy now but I'm back in occupational therapy for my hands again but I go and work out for cardio and strengthening of my legs and upper body at the YMCA here three to four times a week if possible I still need the cane and I have fallen twice but I'm doing good found that my right leg has arthritis in the shin bone now do to the screws that go completely thru the bone and even more arthritis in my right knee plus arthritis in my left thigh and knee now also it a very slow recovery but I'm going to keep fighting to get stronger every day thank you for asking will try and keep you all updated more often
Thanks glinda

Sun, Jul 7 5:32pm · Reunion get together at Rochester in Transplants

I plan on going to the picnic it will bey first year but first I have to get registered and I keep going to the transplant picnic @gmail .com but all it does is go to the transplant house page and doesn't show where to register for it and I don't know how else I can register do you have any ideas thanks Glinda

Sun, Jul 7 4:51pm · Reunion get together at Rochester in Transplants

Hi, rosemary
I just have a question for you I have been trying to register for the transplant picnic in Rochester and I keep going to where I'm supposed to but there is no place on the page for the picnic for me to register it just goes to the transplant house page I was wondering if there is any other way I could register for the picnic this year if you could help I would greatly appreciate it
Thank you glinda

Wed, Jun 5 4:08pm · Preparing for a heart transplant in Transplants

@jbilton, yes they did wait to put me on the list until I could put my daughter in an adult family home for specials needs adults my son can live on his own with help from an aid and my mom had help from an aid when I had my transplant it actually is easier for any other blood type for transplant but it is still hard to get a heart transplant due to the shortage of organ donors for transplantation but I always had faith in mayo and they will tell you like it is they will be honest with you on your tests and on your waiting for transplant if you are a candidate trust Mayo, can't tell you how long your wait would be as everyone is different when waiting for a transplant due to how severely I'll you are I was stable from 2005 to 2009with my cardoimyopathy with ridgety

Wed, Jun 5 3:10pm · Preparing for a heart transplant in Transplants

Hi @jbilton, my name is Glinda and I had a heart transplant 8years and 5 months ago my evaluation took around a three week period for all my testing I went through seeing cardiologists, dental surgeons, lab work, infectious disease, genetics testing, right heat catherisation and angiogram, breathing tests besides seeing so many different specialists like dermatology and eye specialists. For me it was an on going process from 2005 to Jan of 2011 my wait was that long due to having 2 special needs kids and a mother to take care of and also because I am 0 positive for tissue and blood type. It is extremely hard to get an 0 positive heart compared to other blood types 0 positive people don't like yo donate their organs. If I am not being to personal and may ask you what blood type is your husband do you know?
I hope this helps you some for answers and if you have anymore questions please feel free to contact me here on mayo connect at any time.
Hugs to you and your husband