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Nov 23, 2017 · Daughter with Newly Diagnosed Generalized Absence Seizures in Epilepsy & Seizures

Hi. I also have a seven-year-old daughter that was recently diagnosed with absence seizures. She also has been more seizures. from all that I’ve read and what the neurologist has said Keppra will not treat absence seizures. Depakote and zarontin are the treatments of choice. Have you guys considered Depakote? I have a good friend who’s daughter was on it for three years. She had 30 or more seizures a day. She went over a year without a seizure On Depakote and has been off all meds for the last three months- she’s 10 now.

Nov 23, 2017 · #MayoClinicNeuroChat about Epilepsy in Epilepsy & Seizures

My 7 year old daughter was just diagnosed with epilepsy 2 months ago. She has had 3 grand mal seizures and many absence seizures for unknown period of time (looking back probably years). Heathy, normal pregnancy and childhood up until now. No major illness, has had all vaccines. She’s a sweet girl normally, intelligent, athletic. MRI “normal”. At first she was started on keppra (after second seizure, before EEG), cross tapered on depakote when realized it was absence by EEG. Had 3rd grand mal seizure a few days after taper off keppra. Depakote level in the 60’s at 125 BID so was increased. Now on 125 mg in am and 250 at night. She’s ravenous, irritable and physically combative. She’s 46 pounds (very petite) but has gained 5 pounds already. Is there a better Med than depakote? I know she needs to increase the depakote (I’m pretty sure she had a grand mal seizure in her sleep 2 nights ago, she’s still having absence seizures daily and Iher repeat level was 67) but her behavior is just getting worse and she’s gaining weight. Is there any better alternative????