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5 days ago · Catamenial Epilepsy and Progesterone Therapy in Epilepsy & Seizures

Since my diagnosis at Jacksonville's Mayo 8+ years ago, I've always recommended the team there. They worked with me, helping me obtain long awaited answers. Despite modern age, it's my experience that Epilepsy wasn't a field of Neurology vastly practiced. No matter where you go, I do recommend finding an Epileptologist that will listen with patience, as each case is different. I recommend Mayo, and sometimes with our travels, we've gone through Airbnb and gotten some great little places on the beach, not far from Mayo. I wish you the best. – Kristin

May 10, 2018 · Been to an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit? What’s it like? in Epilepsy & Seizures

I can not remember if I have responded to this before (and that is why it appears again in my email) or just read it. I have spent many, many weeks over the last five years at Mayo's Epilepsy Monitoring Unit in Jacksonville. Prior to my Mayo visits, I had only had the 24 hour EEG home monitoring and done 30 minute sessions in the local sleep center. In Jacksonville's Mayo, they are a phenomenal team. They deal with difficult situations all day long (and night). They deal well with grumpiness after several days of no sleep, still treating you with kindness, PATIENCE, and respect. They accommodate not just your wants/needs as a patient, but are also gracious to those that stay with you. Are days of bed bound sleeplessness hellish?? Y E S ! BUT, if I had had none of those things done, they would not have had the much needed answers, and I would not be on the road to recovery. Those weeks there saved my brain and my life. DO IT.

Feb 26, 2018 · Familiar with gabapentin, aka Neurontin, for seizures? in Epilepsy & Seizures

Ouch! I am currently taking Vimpat and Keppra too. I would like to rid of the Keppra and try something new. Did he indicate a reason he felt it would not help with your Epilepsy? Because of the type you have? I appreciate your insight!

Feb 26, 2018 · Familiar with gabapentin, aka Neurontin, for seizures? in Epilepsy & Seizures

Thanks for filling me in on your story with the medication. If you don't mind me asking, what type of Epilepsy do you have? Is it used for the treatment of a specific type or just Epilepsy in general? I wish you the best.

Feb 23, 2018 · Familiar with gabapentin, aka Neurontin, for seizures? in Epilepsy & Seizures

Has anyone here heard of or used the medication Gabapentin, also known as Neurontin? I have been on numerous seizure medications, yet have never heard of this one. A lady in another Epilepsy chatroom mentioned this medication and what a wonderful neurological impact it had had on her life. Any knowledge of this medication? If so, positive or negative?

Feb 11, 2018 · Living with epilepsy - Introduce yourself & meet others in Epilepsy & Seizures

I too have the same issue with strobe lights and really most flickering lights….sunshine flickering through the trees while riding down the road is a HUGE problem. Until recently, I had not read of many cases like this. However, I did join an Epilepsy group on Facebook and it seems to not be all that uncommon. I hope you find much validation and some answers here.
Kindest Regards,

Feb 3, 2018 · magnesium levels and epilepsy? in Epilepsy & Seizures

Thank you for including my thoughts here! I am a 44 year old that was OFFICIALLY diagnosed with Epilepsy 5 years ago.

I went back online and reviewed my last few lab results. I did not see where my magnesium levels had been specifically tested. However, per my neurologist’s suggestions long ago, I do take zinc, selenium, and magnesium. Low sodium is the main issue that I have had, seemingly due to the two seizure medications I take that are known to lower sodium levels.

I too try to approach my overall condition from a nutritional stance. I try to consume lots of salmon, avocado, almonds, blueberries, and coconut/coconut oil. I have read that those are some of the best foods one can eat for their neurological health. Nutrition affects all. “You are what you eat”, as Grandma always said (I guess this makes me a nutty fish, but kinda sweet!).