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Jan 10, 2018 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

My son (10 years) and I were both diagnosed recently. Being that it’s rare, it makes me wonder if there is a genetic connection, yet it could also be coincidence. Although both my doctor and my sons have been in contact with one another, neither has really given any information.

Nov 22, 2017 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

Today I was diagnosed with collagenous gastritis. Almost 12 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, but had never seen a Dr. since then for it. I simply stopped eating gluten and started feeling better. I found my old biopsy results recently and realized that they were actually not conclusive for Celiac Disease and also suggested I could have autoimmune gastritis. Now living in NYC, I scheduled an appointment at Columbia University’s Celiac Disease Center and was scheduled for an endoscopy. The biopsy shows collagenous gastritis. The Dr. believes I haven’t had many issues with it because I’ve been on a gluten free diet, and furthermore, followed the autoimmune protocol from 2014-2016, and 80% of the time now. She said not much is known about it, but didn’t tell me that it is extremely rare. I still don’t fully understands what this means. Are there things I need to watch for? Do I need follow up appointments to monitor things? I was told I probably didn’t need a colonoscopy as I don’t have consistent diarrhea, but I said I’d like it done anyways. I guess I’m just feeling very overwhelmed as I don’t feel that I understand fully what this means, and as it’s rare, I’m guessing my Dr. probably doesn’t either. It does answer SO many issues I’ve had with my health especially when younger. And even now. I often feel like my stomach is full even if I haven’t eaten much and this will cause me to throw up. I always have low iron. As mentioned in other posts, there’s just not really any information out there. I’m hoping someone will be able to help me know what questions I should be asking my Dr, or as so little is known and there isn’t any treatment, are there even questions to ask? Thanks in advance!