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Aug 27, 2018 · Over the counter anxiety medicine in Depression & Anxiety

My wife has been diagnosed with MCI and it has gradually progressed. We have been through the Mayo HABIT program which also pays attention to partners as well as participants. I have had varying degrees of anxiety since retiring and learning of my wife’s diagnosis. Mayo has given me access to psychological help and my biggest benefit is understanding anxiety better (knowing that it may always be present in some degree) and learning how to become mindful through meditation. I have subscribed to the app Headspace and I find it extremely helpful. You learn about your brain and how to have some semblance of control over where it goes and how you think. Nothing is perfect for everyone but this has helped me a lot without resorting to either prescription or over the counter drugs and herbals.

May 3, 2018 · Over the counter anxiety medicine in Depression & Anxiety

I have subscribed to the APP Headspace. It is essentially a meditation and mindfulness series and utilizes breathing techniques like you described. It costs about 12$ per month. I am not on any medications and try really hard to stay that way. This has helped me a lot and I subscribe to the philosophy that I spent my entire career (I am 73 and recently retired) being sort of wired and ready for the work day that it is going to take me several months if not a year or so to deprogram myself from that idea.