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Feb 12, 2018 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

No – thank you for sharing, you very quickly loose any embarrassment or squeamishness supporting daughter with GC. It is hard to know what to do for the best for her.

Feb 8, 2018 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

No visable bleeding so slow bleed. She has had no visible, is this possible to experience big visible blood loss? Any signs to watch out for? Anyone wlae has bone density issues?

Feb 8, 2018 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

Hi, Here is my story. My daughter now 12 was diagnosed in October 2017. A year after a emergency blood transfusion in Dec 2016. She is on 120mgomeprazole & iron since then. She is now gluten free and we find that helps. She has low bone density. History of family auto -immune alapecia, hasimotos. I was ill during pregnancy and she was admitted to hospital with cellulitis age 6 (suggested link to strep and strong antibiotics) and again with influenza A 5 years ago, a series of injuries, knee, ankle, neck, finger, hand. Lives with pain very well, is an inspiration. I just wish we knew more and there was an alternative to omeprazole with Osteoporosis risk. what is the cause and how can we help. lost for step to take to help her and the unknown of her future health worries us both. I am reading all posts and compiling info, on symptoms, medicine (live in Australia – originally Scottish – unsure if medication and treatment available in US also on offer here) and any links. Has anyone else done similar how can we share and learn in a better organised way than one bug long chat stream. Keen to support, learn and share. Sending happy thoughts. We were relieved it wasn’t chrons and had prepared ourselves for this worst, so happy i have a 12 year old started high school, outwardly happy and healthy.

Oct 24, 2017 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

@nando73 my daughter is also 12 and had diagnosis in Australia (Sydney) today. Tried to PM you would be keen to connect.