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Oct 27, 2017 · Considering a visit to Mayo for throat symptoms (most likely LPR) in Digestive Health

Thanks for all the info @kanaazpereira. I did check out those other threads. I made two calls to the scheduling dept last week. On the second call, I was informed that if I book an appointment w a GI, he/she could treat THESE symptoms: esophogitis, LPR, difficulty swallowing), but NOT THESE symptoms: fatigued voice, mucous, sore throat, globus. If I wanted treatment for the latter, I’d need to see a different doctor. This seems REALLY bizarre to me, and counter to the whole point of trying to visit a place like Mayo-that the body should be viewed as a system, and not as a collection of separate pieces that obey the lines drawn by our medical specialty classifications.

I was also told in my first call (last Tues) that several specific doctors had appointments available in Dec. I researched the doctors and decided to book an apt w a Dr David Katska. When I called back the next morning (Wed), I was told the ONLY appointment in GI was in mid-Jan with the “Gonda continuity clinic” (????) and an unspecified doctor (????). This plus the extreme oddity of splitting up symptoms caused me to not move ahead with booking an appointment that day.

I haven’t asked docs about medications that could be making things worse. I do have Addison’s disease and take very low-dose steroids. All my doctors are aware that I’m on that and have never mentioned it as a concern. (For unrelated reasons) I also tried injectable steroids instead of oral for a couple months and it did not seem to help my throat symptoms. I agree it may be worth further investigation though. Thanks for raising that point.

Oct 27, 2017 · Considering a visit to Mayo for throat symptoms (most likely LPR) in Digestive Health

Ah-forgot to mention, would be the Rochester location. Thanks for the info @fourof5zs ! Good god, it sounds like you’ve been through an awful lot-glad to hear you’ve found a little bit of improvement w the Prilosec!

Oct 24, 2017 · Considering a visit to Mayo for throat symptoms (most likely LPR) in Digestive Health

Hi, I’ve been battling throat symptoms for several years now and have had little success correcting the issue through diet/lifestyle changes, or PPIs. I’ve had a barium study and endoscopy, and have been diagnosed w esophogitis, reflux and LPR. I’m considering an (out of pocket) visit to Mayo, in the hopes of confirming/denying the diagnosis as LPR, and coming up with a treatment plan.

For the record, specific symptoms include persistent phlegm, especially low in throat, difficulty swallowing, soreness and swollen feeling at base/back of tongue, sore throat, soreness on front of neck, voice fatigue, globus sensation, hoarseness, and occasional breathing trouble. Symptoms are worse in the daytime, especially after eating. I do not generally have heartburn or blatant regurgitation. I also have some Auto-Immune issues including Addison’s Disease, for which I’ve been on low-dose steroids for 15 yrs, and more recently Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease. Not sure if there’s any connection to the throat issues; my current doctors don’t communicate with each other, and nobody has been able to make any clear connection.

I wanted to ask if anyone can recommend any specific doctor or doctors at Mayo. I’m not finding any doctors on the Mayo site who specifically mention LPR as a specialty, but I know the GI clinic is very highly regarded. LPR still seems to be seen as somewhat of a fringe diagnosis in establishment medicine; if I spend a significant amount of money out of pocket to visit Mayo, I want to feel certain that the doctors there won’t attempt to lump this in as standard GERD, and will work to truly understand what’s going on, as well as be open to a variety of treatment approaches. Does anyone have specific experiences visiting Mayo for LPR or a similar situation?