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May 7, 2018 · Stage 4 inoperative squamous NSCLC, now on Opdivo last line Tx in Lung Cancer

Hi Goldenretriever. I was originally dx with 3b squamous non operable nsclc in 2010. I went through the radiation, chemo etc and was ned until June 2016 when a f/u scan showed recurrence. This was confirmed with brochoscopy and PET scan. Put on carbo/gemstar until scan showed slight progression. Put on nivolumab but scan after 6 infusions showed progression and treatment was stopped. I don't know what is next. Have an appointment with radiologist May 14th and chemo oncologist June 11th. Waiting with bated breath until then. Feeling pretty good but concerned also.
Cheers, warm and positive thoughts, stay strong. Basil.

Oct 28, 2017 · Keto diet for lung cancer? in Lung Cancer

Hi and thanks Linda.
I was first diagnosed in 2010. Inoperable (due to location) stage 3b nsclc squamous. Chemo and radiation and all clear for close to 6 years. Then recurrence of the same type and same location. This year I had more chemo and then another ct scan. The scan showed “suspicion” of a “slight” increase in tumor size. So now I wait for my next ct scan at the end of November so I am trying to halt the progression by using diet. Hence trying the keto diet. The journey continues.
I agree with your husband. Donna (my wife) and I are living a much healthier life than we were after being diagnosed.
Cheers, Basil.

Oct 28, 2017 · Keto diet for lung cancer? in Lung Cancer

Is anyone with lung cancer (stage 3b NSCLC squamous) using the keto diet to assist their bodies to halt/slow down tumor growth? Cheers, Basil.