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Oct 20, 2017 · Valve repair in Heart & Blood Health

Thanks for the responses! These are greatly appreciated.
When my heart was checked with a stethoscope on 19/18/2017, the murmur was heard in the lower left quadrant. So I assume this would be the aortic valve. As indicated in the posting by @srounkle this could very well be the issue. I also have read that this condition is most prominently found in men. I still do not rule out the fact that my joint swellings began at the same time as the shortness of breath. Maybe I contracted some kind of bacteria which caused the valve to malfunction? If that is the case, I am hoping that maybe if that bacteria has stopped then the valve could heal. Also, over the past year my shortness of breath was getting less and less and then over the past couple of months, my condition deteriorated somewhat. Something which happened about two months ago was a very painful toothache and the dentist said the tooth was draining. I have now had that teeth pulled. In addition, I had a return of a painful joint in my thigh.

Overall this currently does not cause major changes to my lifestyle (other than I am unable to jog 6 miles like I did in the past). However, day to day activities are mostly normal. I normally only have symptoms when exercising and not when laying down; no passing out; no visual disturbances. I am currently on no pharmaceutical drugs

Oct 18, 2017 · Valve repair in Heart & Blood Health

1 1/2 years ago I experienced shortness of breath upon exercise. This was accompanied by painful joint swelling. Cardiologist administered echocardiogram stress test (only lasted a couple of minutes through test) and this showed my heart ejection fraction at 30%. Cardiologist suspected defective valve or artery blockage. With vegan low fat diet for one year, I experienced less frequent shortness of breath and was able to pass simulated stress test for 12 minutes on tread machine. Lately, I again am experiencing some shortness of breath upon exercise. I am very active in swimming, walking, yoga, etc. 1 1/2 years ago acupuncturist detected heart murmur in left side of heart and this is also detected today. This would seem to be a heart valve issue (I have had tests for rheumatoid arthritis and lyme disease and have tested negative on both). What percentage of heart valve surgery can be done via catherization vs open heart surgery? What are prognosis for catherization and open heart for valve repair/replace? Positive results? Fatalities? I am male, 72 years old. Heavy smoker from age 18 through 35. Male family history of heart issues.