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Tue, Jul 9 6:42pm · Eye problems with treatment? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I am looking for anyone who have experienced "second cataracts" a couple of years after the original cataracts removed. The doctor wants to use laser to deal with them but I am concerned because I have already had a detached retina repair done on one eye after laser was used to reduce pressure as I also have suspect glaucoma.

Tue, Mar 19 5:30pm · scarring after cataract surgery in Eye Conditions

Was this done in the doctor's offices?

Tue, Mar 19 5:15pm · scarring after cataract surgery in Eye Conditions

I have scarring after having cataract surgery and the doctor wants to remove it using laser. Has anyone had this done and what was the result?

Sat, Jan 19 4:26pm · New to the world of Hypertension Meds in Heart & Blood Health

A previous doctor prescribed the bp meds 12 hours apart and that seems to have kept the pressure under control. The routine is Atenolol at 6 a.m. followed by eye drops Brimonidine and then 1 p.m and 9 p.m. The next one, Tomolol after 6:05 a.m. The third one. Zioptan. after 9:05 pm followed afterward by eye lubricant to keep the eye moist during sleep. I guess there might be some interaction between the bp med and eye drops but I am only aware of it in the morning.

Sat, Jan 19 3:01pm · New to the world of Hypertension Meds in Heart & Blood Health

Thanks for the reply. I wonder how far apart should the drops and the Atenolol be in the morning?

Sat, Jan 19 2:55pm · Side Effects of Metoprolol? in Heart & Blood Health

I had gout in one toe for a few years until I read an article that said at the first sign of it start drinking water immediately and since then that is what I do and that takes the first sign of a sharp pain in the big toes away

Sat, Jan 19 12:56pm · New to the world of Hypertension Meds in Heart & Blood Health

I don't have any concerns about Atenolol but wonder about how it affects the drops I use in combination to control eye pressure for Glaucome Suspect which I have had for the last 20 years. I take the Atenolol at the same time in the morning that I take two of the drops– Brimonidine and Timolol Maleate–and sometimes feel a little lightheaded. The Opthomolist is aware of this but does not seem to know why this happens.

Sat, Jan 19 10:16am · New to the world of Hypertension Meds in Heart & Blood Health

I have been taking Atenolol for a number of years and it has kept my blood pressure stable. At one time at the same time I was also on Lisinoprol which had a number of side effects and didn't do much for keeping the bp under control. At the doctor's office in December 2018 my bp reading was 120/70 The dosage I take is one 25mg Atenolol at 6 a.m and another one at 6 p.m.