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Wed, Oct 18 11:34am · Complicated Situation Guidance in Heart & Blood Health

Thank you for you guidance in getting the ball-rolling – – I filled out the appt. form. Now, how do I locate the very best physcian or team of physcian’s for this? I need someone who understands Radiation-induced heart/valve issues, an Interventional Cardiologist, and a Cardiac Surgeon that specializes in Minimally invasive valve and artery procedures? Today, doctors don’t have the time to cloose-the-loop on basic physical exams, let alone a comprehensive evaluation/recommendation.

Mon, Oct 16 11:41am · Complicated Situation Guidance in Heart & Blood Health

Hodgkins Disease and the radiation I received from that back in 1974 has caused several heart issues now that I’m in my mid-60’s. I’ve had (2) Stents implanted, (1) aortic valve TAVR, and now. less that 1 year post stent implant, the last stent, done 8 months ago is blocked; a stent which I never felt got to the root of the issue. My heart appears to have built a bi-pass, however, I am having trouble with severe shortness of breath. In addition, I understand I have a Mitrol valve that does not completely open/close and some electrical issues in the left bundle branch. I need a Doctor, not predisposed to surgery or an other method, to help develop a Plan. I have had every cardiac test know done in the last 3 years, don’t wish to repeat them, avoid radiation like the plague, and want to know the alternatives and risks to each approach. Since I live in CT, I want a Generalized, yet Changeable Plan prior to any long distance travel. Can someone at the Mayo Clinic help… They should be well-versed in radiology-induced heart and lung issues, coupled with the latest procedures in coronary artery, valve and electrical abnormalities. I am looking to either the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic or NY Presbyterian to get the comprehensive evaluation I seek. Where do I go from here…