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Wed, Jun 19 4:31pm · burning mouth syndrome very severe in Skin Health

What is the treatment you had? I’m just seeing this. My dentist continues to prescribe Magic mouthwash and it helps long enough to help me get to sleep. Occasionally I use throughout the day and I swallow the stuff as my throat fires as well. I call it fire as that’s what it feels like and I definitely know stress makes it worse. I tried bleaching my teeth today in my Invisalign trays. Not smart.

Mon, May 6 2:34pm · burning mouth syndrome very severe in Skin Health

Also have hypothyroid issues.

Mon, May 6 2:33pm · burning mouth syndrome very severe in Skin Health

This sounds so much like myself. My throat and the back of my tongue feels like someone ripped the skin out. I too use CBD oil and it does help with my sleep at night but I’m still burning and very confused and frustrated as to what to do. Within the past year or so I’ve had candida in my mouth, throat and ears. I continue to use magic mouthwash at night to deaden things enough so I can get to sleep. I’ve tried everything suggested. I am fearful that this constant irritation could turn into cancer. It plays tricks in my mind.

Tue, Apr 16 5:53am · Gabapentin side effects? in Just Want to Talk

I too was prescribed Gabapentin. After doing a little reading, I decided against taking. The side effect scared me away. I’ll try anything to not be on so many prescription drugs. I don’t wanta feel tired and lethargic.

Mon, Apr 15 5:51am · Has anyone been diagnosed with Central Sensitization? in Brain & Nervous System

I was diagnosed with this as well. That and burning mouth syndrome. What is the 3 week program?

Mon, Apr 8 4:52am · burning mouth syndrome very severe in Skin Health

Please add me to any information regarding burning mouth syndrome.

Wed, Mar 27 5:55am · Stomach cancer surgery in Cancer

My sister in law had stomach cancer surgery a month ago today. 1/4 of her stomach was removed. She’s had so many problems. Been in and out of the hospitals numerous times. It wasn’t done at Mayo, at a small Alabama hospital. She’s had nothing but problems. As it turned out, the surgeon put the stitches in too tight and another procedure was done unsuccessfully to try and open them up more. In the end, she had to have the entire surgery redone and is still in the hospital. Has had constant nausea, throwing up bile, can’t have a bowel movement. Her bowels are having a hard time waking up. Any suggestions? I feel so sorry for her.

Sat, Mar 9 5:17am · Burning Mouth Syndrome in Skin Health

It is, I found the oral spray and the chewable on Amazon. I have both are are using the chewable when we travel and spray at home. Hoping I can feel some difference soon. Lately, mine has really been “firing” and I can’t narrow down what’s making it worse. I wish I knew what I was consuming attributed to the flare ups. It never goes away, but there are times it’s calmer. The magic mouthwash is helpful for me, especially at night when I’m trying to get to sleep.