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Sep 3, 2019 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

It’s been a while since I have read the thread… Along with CG, I also have autoimmune thyroiditis and POTS… for the most part the pots is pretty well managed… currently I am experiencing a flare with the CG, my GI has been prescribing various things but I am also always trying to look for something more holistic… Has anyone tried Slippery Elm? Just to note I have been Gluten free for 6 yrs and now dairy free for about 2 months… any suggestions are most welcome, thanks!!!

Sep 28, 2017 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

Hello, I was diagnosed with CG two years ago. I immediately made several changes including switching to a gluten free diet, I was instructed to go off my SSRI (Lexapro) because my GI Dr. Said there could be a correlation (anyone else aware of this?), I went off of my Prilosec, and have been taking a daily probiotic. I have been fairly symptom free since making these changes, with the occasional burning and bloating, however I just had my two year EGD yesterday and it showed no changes. I am pretty bummed/ worried because I am currently not taking anything medication wise to actually address this. My stomach issues started at a young age, having a small ulcer when I was 7/8. I also have Hashimotos which is an autoimmune thyroid disease. My Dr is unaware of any increased risk with stomach cancer related to CG, but does anyone have any information on this? I am super worried.