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Sep 22, 2017 · Correlation of amphetamines and long qt please help me figure it out! in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hello, I am new to this discussion forum but was wondering if anyone out there could help me answer this question. I am currently in recovery of an opiate addiction. In November it will be one year of being sober from OPIATES, but sadly I had a slip up on crack cocaine in December and January. I am currently in a clinic that monitors my hear by EKG as a part of their treatment program. I requested two EKG’s during the time period of that slip up, and when I did I couldn’t believe the results…I have a serious history of a very high level of QT, my number got up to 514 steady. That is very deadly. For years it hovered around 480-514, but when these two EKG results came in my QT dropped TREMENDOUSLY, it went all the way down to 382….that is extremely rare for me. Thinking it was just something happening at that moment, I had a second one done, another really low score of 380….That was done in December and January. On August 22 of this year I had another EKG done, being sober from EVERYTHING and not being on any other medication that would increase my QT level., It went Way up to 450…now I am wondering…is there any significant proof that amphetamine use can decrease your QT level??? Obviously I am not just gonna go out and use because it may be the case, I am in recovery and have a very stable life and plan on keeping it that way. I just want to know if that can be true? is there anyone out there that has experienced something similar, and if so, can you please help me explain this weird occurrence. Thanks!