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2 days ago · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

@bluelagoon I have never minded or regretted the distant of travel it involves… I fact when ct's are invovled for all of 5-10 minutes we travel to IU Medical/Simon Cancer center for them they know what they want – they are there for the next visit which is 2-3 days later and there is no hassle of getting them sent to them. It beats the care his father received to Me QUALITY of care and COMMUNICATION are of the utmost I do not care how far would have to travel to get it… I know his father's dr/ (hematologist/oncologist) could not understand why he was not coming to his practice but it was because of him – his lack of communication; take this medication because I tell you too and side effects be dam and not listening and talking in analogies (which do not cut the mustard)

2 days ago · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

Yes he really has never lost his appetite; at times foods have not tasted all that great but he has pretty well maintained his wight over the almost last 3 years – Oct 25 i think is when was diagnosed so will be starting the 3rd years soon

2 days ago · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

I am tired from all the clean up work… I had just came in from being in front yard all daydid nto catch the typo and internet has been down since Thursday
till late sometime yesterday afternoon and its been popping on/of and down several times completely since June phone/internet service has been absolutely the pits from centurylink this summer for some reason. Because of the neck lymph node he was taken off of the clinical studies but his Dr. is continuing with the immunology KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab) treatments… there may be other clinical studies down the line… he is staying with IU Medical/Simon Cancer center

3 days ago · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

Sorry I have not updated but fired since radiation has been "stable" with the radiation the neck lymph node as looked and felt like its reduced in size. The last CT was in July and since no longer in the clinical study, no chemo, only immunology KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab) every three weeks which he is tolerating very well with no side effects. A CT is scheduled for Oct 2nd.

Me been busy cleaning up 5.3 acres been working every day itrs not raining 6-8+ hours a day made small dent… plus i have tangoed with the dumpster but the dumpster won out. slamming my forehead and nose into it; landing hard on the ground with my right knee… I dusted my self oof walked into house rested for 3 hours and went back to work outside the same day… a couple of scrapes on forehead, nose, did not break of scratch my glasses… did have a side ache for a week or so must of twisted; have a hard head Making head way… A trucker friend came in Wednesday and we have about conquered the front yard weed wacker the yard down with a weed eater with metal blade on it and sawing off seedlings that have sprouted since probably about Nov 2016 when his father no longer mowed the yard and it was the sons responsibility (he done paths only the width of the riding lawn mower) he never even burned the trash he took out to the north only expanded the it from the trash hole to above ground for 5 feet plus…. have the second dumpster about full and waiting for the 3rd 🙁

Things became final on Wednesday the 11th.. waiting for the bank to release the funds only released a mere repentance seven tho it was an escrow account from the title/abstract company… 20th is the release date and soon after I will have a new vehicle factory warrantied… and hen will work on housing… yet to hear from my account 🙁 SO things are looking up if i can survive the clean-up….

Sat, Jul 6 6:27pm · About ready to scream, been bad month in Lung Cancer

Thanks life is a bowl of cherries…. f you do not buckle under you do survive it could be worse Alive and still kicking 🙂

Fri, Jul 5 7:37pm · About ready to scream, been bad month in Lung Cancer

P let the lavender piton Siamese out on the 2nd we both walked the yard i did till could do no more Monday1st i woke up with shoulder hurting and it got where could barely move it event o get dress was a chore – any way to hunt the kitten he decided tiller had to be started in the tall gras wrapped the tines up good with the grass and the cable from the satellite dish to bedroom tv argued with direct-tv about what was wrong they would not accept that i knew a well bent if not broken cable repairman came out on Thursday 3rd and decided to screw it to the side of the mobile home – and right through the electrical wiring for the offset had to call P’s brother-in-law in for re-enforcement as I wanted it repaired properly right – as we had to be in Indy on the 5th I was going to cancel if not repaired right do not need an electrical fire and lose what little i got and my genealogy records trailer would be no loss really its a piece of s–t 1978 falling apart would be faster excuse to get out of here to better accommodations but not way to do it …. supervised he fixed it properly… hauled a load of scrap off and found someone to help cut up heavier stuff so better $$ out of it – got one hugh homemade fork lift gone that has sit out in front yard since 2016…. Friday 28th was bad i sat in hare and semi cried all day think the whole year month hit been a year since RUss died (June 28th)… Sat 29th went to town and the van/car vibrate more than usual and very different so called P’s brother-in-law to test drive he did not have to – – passer side tires had flat spots – – drivers side major problem the wire cord was showing out of tire and it had busted through on the inside
could only see by taking pic with camera it was frayed splintered and looked like a “bad hair day” cancelled his ct’s scans out for Monday made them on the 3rd and then went back today – good news/bad news by ct’s the right Supraclavicular lymph node(s) are slowly shrinking don’t go back to radiologist tll 17th dec – left axillary lymph node in armpit has started to swell & their is one or two around the esophagus that is enlarged – he had he labs/dr/ infusion today he still wants to keep him on the Prembo KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab) | Anti–PD-1 Immunotherapy as everything else is looking good and main tumor too – ct’s in 6 to 9 weeks to see what is goign on not suree what plans is if still growing 🙁 The survey done – the variance passed and the appraisals done – just waiting to get into lawyer to deed off the 5a to the sister to see if there is a nice attitude and more help but i doubt both work – and she wanted the full 69a…. been a wet farm season a lot of ground not planted – the 69 is the 40 thats on sale hold did not get planted but its cash rent when get the 5a deed off I will know what i got left have been scouting out new/used newer model trucks too and start on my house in culver its 114+ i think its beeter try to make a part of it livable rather than buy more property but cross that bridge when get there or find place to rent but will have to where we can take the doxie and cat…. P’s birthday Sunday will be 58… Sep/Oct will be 3 years when it all started with him seems like yeasterday… I am hanging in maybe just by a thread buy i am hanging on tight I know God will provide

Thu, Jun 20 10:26am · Radiation treatment and supplements in Brain Tumor

Friend does not take supplement so that was not problem – he had a brief class/orientation session on nutrition (I liked this idea) and was given paper work I was not invited to sit in on would of liked to as would of heard directly what they told him he is not a communicative person only what he feels you should know and no more – I did not read all though it but will have to dig it out of folder He eats when and what he wants and you just do not force him to eat I do know during radiation that his taste was off and he did not eat as he should of as i found portions of it in the outside cats dish 🙁 I am with @merpreb follow what your radiologist says – and question him/her as to why ask if there is literature available from them on nutrition during radiation tho in my opinion it should of been given and class/orientation offered

Tue, Jun 18 4:15pm · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

Yes he had one May 24th; Friday – seen radiologist yesterday says it got smaller but did not say by how much. Does not see radiologist for 6 months Dec. 17. Ct-Scans Neck & Chest to catch all on Jul 1st and then on July 5th Labs/Dr/ I assume infusion tho not scheduled as he want to keep him on the Prembo KEYTRUDA® treatments for now the clinical was paying for them but since kicked off of it till another clinical is found if ever…. but he intendes to keep him on it as long as it is working the scans Jul 1st should tells us that if working he only missed one Prembo KEYTRUDA® treatment since Dec. 2017 he got it along with the 2 treatments of chemo Feb. Mar.

Me last week was rough woke up with should bothering me and could not lift move it most of week because was so sore – finally was able to get it above on my head and right palm on left ear lat Friday night after got home… still sore not sure what caused it go t idea i done to much on computer cleaning up files….

Survey went through for dividing off 5a to the sister but had to have variance it passed on Wed. last week; now awaiting to hear back from appraiser as to when he can do that so maybe things are on the right track…. all that will be left there is to have deeds made splitting the property- – and deeding off the 5a

Van still holding out but has vibration in it out of alignment thanks to the wonderful Indiana roads, tires are wearing and trying to hang on till October…. putting feelers out since that date is getting close

Just wish this rain would stop.

Got the Billing from IU the Infusion is $26 thousand plus (it was paid for by the clinical study) does not include the dr. & labs…. the radiation drs. and all so far is $83 thousand plus all pending the insurance. to think that the combined is a cost of a mediocre house! has hit $583 thousand so far for the about 1 1 /2 year that's a shack on Lake Maxinkuckee did not see any billing for the Genomic testing tho it probably is not billed by IU that only have suite in the Simon Cancer center i assuming