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1 day ago · About ready to scream, been bad month in Lung Cancer

I have not even asked – I think its been that way most of his life – like i said he was the one who lived stayed and cared for his grandmother from the 1980's ttill she died in 2002 at age of 92 and in the package was the great-grandmother who lived to be 100+ – till her other daughter forced her into the local nursing home after a house fire like i said below what comes around goes around. I just try to do what is right – and hope one day some one will do same for me I am basically in same boat – my kids could care less but their dad handed them everything they wanted even if mom said no and when he died in 1990 the hand-outs ended… I am lucky i have just been able to keep the house which has been in the family since 1944 again thats probably been stupidity on my part – did tried to sell it couple time but did not go but I think that was thanks to the second family deterring the sell of it thought they would pick it up for back taxes… Life is a bowl of xcherries if you stay strong and do not buckle under 🙂

1 day ago · About ready to scream, been bad month in Lung Cancer

Yes – i stay at hospital – the keytruda/prembo is only half an hour at most – They did not contest the adverse possession so its not worth the extra money for a lawsuit – the 5a. the youngest daughter was was promised and only that by her grandmother & mother who was P.O.A. for her mother-in-law she got that and no more and no less They are the ones who will have to live with the treatment of their brothers brothers and parents I even left my fried from the eight days his mothers was laid dying Dec 18-26 with comfort care only because she did not deserve be alone dying in the nursing home where she had been sice Dec 4 200 with a full right side stroke – she never bothered to go see here bless she had to berated her mother to her father as a liar etc. – all she cared for was being able to have her dads truck as a 2nd vehicle when hers was down and he did not drive it but one or 2 times from Nov 2016-Jun 208 but i kept the insurance and plates up on it and they walked off with it of course it was titled in parents name – and it now just sits – the trailer sits here and they won't move it to their property but its going soon Saying is what goes around comes around Its just easier to do it myself than to have to constantly ask for something tho the husband has come through in a pinch this winter when ran out of fire wood – because i had to keep begging my suppliers for wwod and would promise and do a "now show"

1 day ago · About ready to scream, been bad month in Lung Cancer

Are you joking the half sister can care a rats A$$ in —- when her dad alive she told me there was more than i that could drive in the next breath she said we are going to North Carolina for two months… the older sister has had nothing to do with the family it was only her grandmother because even tho she worked the grandmother would dole out to her she also chose to live with her & her mother instead of her family when younger not sure exactly why but when of age abandoned helping them in their "old age" the grandmother lived to be 92 and the great-grandmother over 100 – the younger sister & her husband both works I remember standing in the kitchen and hearing her tell her mother her brothers are her "White slaves" and about the same time she took me for a ride alone to the local CVS and on the way there told me if anything happened to her parents I was to have them put into half-way houses… Sad thing it is their brother is the one who lived with the grandmother who helped take care of her and paid the mortgage that the grandmother took out on the farm ground for years to pay off her bills the the one sister – – The younger sister offered $20 for food when her dad was alive – only it took between $50-100 for as and food for each trip to Indy The brother-in-law did offer to go to see how to get there (he is and ex emt so really knows as EMT conferences were held at IU) but did a no-show that day with excuses later on 2 weeks down the road. The years I have been here I helped take care of the grandmother, friend – the parents who died June 28 & Dec 26 2018 the sister managed to get the younger brother commuted to a half way house that long story – but had mental problems due to sniffing & someone slipping some type of drug my understanding the straw that broke the camel's back for her was him sitting the north half of were iive on fire – she started the process and he done himself in by lying to the judge. The father & sis son my friend i am caring for did not want to go into nursing home so that is why the father h ad me file for adverse possession of proprieties to care for them and and protect me if any of them would of gotten they would be in nursing homes or half way houses and I out on the street – sad thing is the father did not live to see it happen and we had to sweat it out till the judge signed the papers a long wait Feb – – that has all went through Aug 8 2018 because of the adverse possession had to wait a year which was not told to us – all the sisters cared about was the property sad to say the one sister got the 5a. that her house sits on and I paid for the all survey, BZA (for variance) and Lawyer fees and gave her & her husband the 5a free and clear as a GIFT. July 2019 when I knew all was clear – 40a in sept 2019 (per the title company insurance) went to one of the brothers who had farmed it for over 35 years and I am on my way of restoring my house at Culver I still have 2 pieces of land to care for my friend with and I and am the bad ass – even when their dad was alive they did not come around it was i who took him to all his dr. appointments and blood transfusions and ER when he felt bad I guess I have "stupid sucker " written across my forehead but I also was through it with my husband so its "been there done that" I will survive and make it I can't even get help from them cleaning up this 5.3.a acres which was a half-a$$ junk yard for years the brother-in-law did till he found out he could not walk away with things – he took as couple of items of and sold to a antique shop brought back $20 and no receipt I tired to sell a car bought under my name no title for $30 and they called the person said I had not right i had the paid receipt with my name on it it was for parts for the windstar that had the broken axle – it had no motor no tires – and we used dor glass handles etc from it to keep the windstar running – I will SURVIVE and I will make it –

2 days ago · About ready to scream, been bad month in Lung Cancer

He is back back on the Keytruda (Prembro) which was Monday (24th) that was a 8:50 a.m. appointment a sleepless night and long day – I came home and immediately crashed and slept tuesday morning away next one is on the 16th – which is combo with a labs/dr/infusion of .Keytruda (Prembro) Had his radiation simulation today 10 treatments starting the 4th off Sat & Sun's we had bad roads till out of Fulton county – and was a weather advisory out till tomorrow but was going hell or high water as its still growing & turning a dark red looks like it could bust open but between the size of a quarter and a half dollar. Some wheres in between is to be wound care session to see if way to keep bandage on has to be at Methodist at Indy this after a month of the battle 🙁 but its closing & healing up and not infected. Ct Scans sometime after the 18th has had none since Sept/Oct.

I have got restore on Culver house started a full Garage first to replace the Carport the Sewer project people destroyed aback in 2006 have to get a variance – may have to have a survey to combine the 2 parcels.. missed March BZA so have to wait till April… in between if warm i will start cleaning the basement and gettign things ready to store in the garage from house etc…..

Wed, Feb 19 7:31pm · About ready to scream, been bad month in Lung Cancer

Yes I just imagine it will will be lads – dr. visit and the infusion as the radiologist said he could do both the same time this time around Ketruda (prembro) – the way its growing and the other grew so fast and it is in the same lymph glands area I can not see just watching it as the infusion will be three weeks apart that to me just spells trouble and same problem dealing with now – an open wound

Wed, Feb 19 12:33pm · About ready to scream, been bad month in Lung Cancer

Update The radiologist seems happy with he treatment for the auxiliary lymph node tho it still but it is still looks raunchy looking and smelling but it has diminished in size

May be crazy – friends report was the node on the shoulder is growing… gee i could see that it has doubled in size has a yellow center… options given was could watch for while or could could radiate immediately and with both continue Ketruda (prembro) friend was indecisive but i pushed buttons I can not see allowing it to continue to grow and rupture as this one has. Radiation starts again as soon as assessment is done – the one just treated went from small – to golf ball size sometime in between started to open up to baseball size and from Jan 31st to Feb 4th to over softball size and completely exploded open… . hoping the assessment takes place Monday afternoon when go down for the labs/dr/ Ketruda (prembro) infusion they stopped that in Sept because the lymph node was starting to grown and began a 3rd clinical study which failed options then was to go on harsh chemo or layoff see what happened for a couple of months with possible radiation or the clinical study

Monday's appointment for labs/dr./infusion starts at 7;50 a.m. which means a wake up call at 3 a.m. and headed for Indy by 4 a.m. Today's appointment was for 9:30 this includes the every 2 hour alarms for fire the wood stove… so little sleep the last 2 weeks and for the next few when this all starts over again… but I will have later appointment for the next labs/dr./infusion in 3 weeks.

Sat, Feb 8 5:13pm · About ready to scream, been bad month in Lung Cancer

I am not sure I am a hero – just trying to do right by him where his 3 sisters (1 half) and 2 brother-in-laws (1 half) have lacked the last three years – they have not made effort to help take him io I U Medical / SImon Cancer Center – I promised his dad and his mother if she understood anything that was going on with I would stick by him to the end it will be 3 years come Oct 25th it been a long road…

Have him here with me I don't think could handle it otherwise… hopefully can be out of this antiquated dilapidated 1975 motile home was just trying to be cautious main thing was to get better vehicle – which proved correct thing to do been 20 plus trips fro the third clinical and will be 12-13 in total for the radiation since I got it its turned over 9000+ and it was around 2000+ as it was used bb one of the employees and a demo – by time radiation is done it will be 12,000 miles on it I love it –

Thanks @auntieoakley, the Koban even did not help I wrapped it around it near bottom to catch the bottom edge of the pads , then done the X-crossing across the the pads and then wrapped middle ways, the gauze stretch band they provides was under neath the koban – and crossed it over his left shoulder – the pads still worked out of it – at last they are providing the syringes of saline, gauze pads and stretch bands – the koban was my ideas guess its the arm movement lifting up down etc causing hte problem – They will have to come up with some more saline solution and gauze pads on Monday.

Sat, Feb 8 9:10am · About ready to scream, been bad month in Lung Cancer

Looks like its is shrinking but it still looks "ugly" and still has a sinking volcano crater look. They are goign to keep any eye on the shoulder bump and it is assumed it is cancerous as of now since it is within the area and a result of the original lymph node of (Oct 2017) under the left armpit. It is just outside of the area being radiated so if it grows or they decide it should be radiated means a reassessment on Tuesday/Wednesday and extended radiation now or later another series of radiation treatments in store one can only second guess – He was not happy I turned it it in but I would rather be safe than sorry since he does not complain til its to late or it causes to much pain but he can not see it himself unless maybe he looks in a mirror and I doubt that – I am also keeping eye on it as i wash out the "volcano" with saline solution and putting the non-stick gauze on it and wrapping it – I got Koban yesterday afternoon when got home and made a sling around it (over the the round stretch wrap in order to keep the pads in the stretch wrap and on it – again becasue he will not tell when the pads drop out – and thus back to square one with irritation of clothing