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Sep 15, 2017 · Do I Have Epilepsy? Many Symptoms. in Epilepsy & Seizures

Hello! I am really scared I may have epilepsy. I am almost 32 and had a horrible head trauma when I was 6. I have had hallucinations, hypnagogic hallucinations, 1 seizure, sleep talking and psychic symptoms such as dreams that come true and phenomena. I just started seeing a new Nurse Practitioner and told her about what I believe was a seizure and she agreed it may have been but just said it was “really weird.” She did not refer me but I have physical coming up with her (she was on a short 15-min time schedule when I saw her) and think that she is about to refer me and I will again mention the seizure. There is nothing else that describes the “episode” or what it could have been other than a seizure. My head felt weird and I started dropping, lost control of my muscles and made it, walking half-up, to where my husband was and collapsed on the bed and had auditory hallucinations that kept growing louder and louder. I told him he may need to call 911. But he is SO used to me acting strange that he didn’t give it much thought and plus he wanted to avoid a big hospital bill because we cannot afford it. I drive and need to know if this may have been a seizure. I’m surprised that the doc (or NP) cannot tell me. Can anyone here help me? Thank you so much to whoever replies!