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Mon, Jun 8 2:10am · pain with sleep apnea in Sleep Health

The word is “may”…. I have the same and it is from muscular issues due to my Fibromyalgia. I discussed supplements w/ my 1* care MD ie Magnesium (muscle cramping) & L-Arginine.(Supp. For muscle health) Is has helped! Additionally if you have GERD.. the backwash of Hydrochloric acid can cause that too! Also they may watch you for Pre-Barrett’s Esophagus! (esophageal Cancer) not fun to get/have. PS: I was tested for Sleep Apnea.. but my insomnia is hallmark to Fibro again! I get claustrophobic.. so I use the “Aloha” style that uses “nose pillows” Vs the full mask over nose & mouth! It takes getting used to and sore nostrils.. but to me, it’s better than me freaking when I wake up w/ nose & mouth covered!! Oh.. I am not a mouth breather.. so that is good!! PS: ribs and sternum( breast bone) are connected BY MUSCLES! Thus the cramping.. also taking Prilosec twice daily eradicated the issues! Wish you much luck!!

Sun, May 31 10:46am · Weight regain after bariatric surgery in Weight Management

Per my inside (Family member ) Cardiologist. She told me no way! Keto is bad for your body esp the heart! Soooo… I will NOT be trying Keto! WW the old standby & walking!! Just as good for you as running!! Also, will affect (increase)! your Cholesterol / Triglycerides. As we age, our body slows down …. so why age it further w/ fad diets!! I still need my heart!! WONT put it thru the stress!

Thu, Apr 16 1:00am · Restless Leg Syndrome in Sleep Health

RE: Mg… i get mine usu. @ Costco too. They are Extra St 400 mg tabs
As to Lyme.. my 1* care poo pooed it.. she THINKS she knows I couldn’t have been exposed to or bitten by a tick…. I knew w guy who got them in his privates while out hunting! Sounds super uncomfortable!!

All my Fibro issues were. Informed by 2 espérate MDs. I didn’t tell my personal MD but was told by my W/C MD for Carpal Tunnel issues that after my surgery on @ thumb( De Quervaines Syndrome) poof… I have the whole enchilada! I had it confirmed by a third b/c I developed excruciating IT pain( Illini tibial Band on the outside of my hip area. Hurt sooo bad to try to sleep!! I found a paperback book at the Rx store called what your MD never told you. Boy was it enlightening! And spot on! Lo also looked into Books on the topic.. there is one pink book ( loaned out) or I’d share the MD author. I just weren’t to the medical section of the book store and bought books to read…. talk about enlightening!! I dint care if the MD takes issue w/ my ?s… I told her right up front I wanted to be a part of my treatment team. I hope she didn’t mind me asking ?s.. I’m trying to soak up info to better understand the disorder & Tx.. even found the Mayo Clinic is considered in my insurance coverage Vs out side my scope of resources! Already went to Rochester w/ a family member. It was sooo unbelievable to see it was a whole day of MD appts starting w/ a 7:40 am blood draw. You stay at poss. The adjoining Marriott and walk underground to the wing where all the MDs offices are.. then across the patio to the Liaison.Then …. Back home. You take all testing and x-rays/ MRIs.. w/ you and get a special Pt rate for the flight… I have yet to find an Expert in Fibro here in ALBUQ., NM ! I now had Osteo Arthritis on top of Fibro & CFS! My joints swell u like watermelons! Urgent Care staff freaked when they did a Doppler scan of my previously Fxd R/ankle! Pardon Sp / typos… long nails! joy.. they never tell you that if it was injured/fx’d.. you get arthritis as an older person! Yeah!! Soc.Sec. & Pain! Just what I wanted!!

Wed, Apr 15 2:19pm · Restless Leg Syndrome in Sleep Health

FYI: I too have Fibro & CFS.. w/ Restless Leg Syndrome…i take Magnesium & do exercises for < of symptoms. I also do Epsom Salt baths for RLS. Do NOT take Benadryl ) an Anticholernergic Rx b/c it hastens memory loss / Alzheimer’s! Check out your meds as to this… it was an alert issued about 2yrs ago. I still have RLS & considering your sit. I wonder if you have Fibro. It is rare for men, but my neighbor had a severe case of it.( RIP) he took a slew of supplements to try to relieve the issues…. he & I talked about our issues. I validated what he was going thru.
OST recently I discovered Guifenisin protocol for Fibro. It helps w/ reduction of pain! I also take (Costco brand Glucosamine /Condroiton and Tumeric… I KNOW they help me! I take 2 x Gluc. In am & 1 @ pm. Tumeric 1 x am & pm. Wish you much luck!

Feb 15, 2019 · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

In NM both Ambien
& Ultram were added to Schedule IV for purposes of DEA control. Then the dosing was changed for Ambien… women only getting 1/2 (5 mg) the previously Rx’d amount… MDs in this state are also being pressured by Feds as to the amount of Opiate Pain relievers. Some just F w/ patients!! Take their sweet time refilling the Rx thinking you’ll forget??!! Yeah right!! The pain returns AMPLIFIED!! They KNOW that cold detox is very dangerous and can cause cardiac arrest; donthry care?? NO!!

If you are a Fibro
Pt.. it’s a Neuro issue and Insomnia is a part of the profile!! Duh! You will literally go crazy if you don’t get enough sleep; esp REM sleep! At least you are guaranteed 4 Hrs?? Of sleep??

PS: it is super in vogue to require Pain Mgmt Contracts w/ their Pain Mgmt Patients! It’s sad… I know of a friend who is a Lupus & Rheum. arthritis patient that blew out her L/knee. They refused extra Rx for pain for a few days post surgery. They layed in bed crying and screaming in pain! I felt soo bad for her!!

PS: the use of anti depressants is to interrupt the pain message getting to the brain!! (Same receptors)!I will tell you that I was put on several.. one caused me to sweat like a pig.. .. another made lots of my long hair fall out!! No way!! I’m depressed.. but more pissed off that I’m denied pain mgmt that’s commensurate w/ the level of Dx!! Geez… you can’t expect a person to remain at a low dose for 20 yrs!! It don’t work!!

Bet the MDs would think otherwise if it were them!!

Wishing you much luck… thought I’d share from my ?s that my Dr answered when I asked him! He was the only compassionate Physiatrist or Pain Mgmt MD I had after an on duty car accident and Carpal Tunnel surgeries X 5!! Yup!! No mistake!! W/C postponed appropriate level of Tx do it went to my dominant sides elbow.. then shoulder!! I won’t go further except yo say I had to pay for the work related Tx b/c I was just getting steroid shots delaying the inevitable! MY insurance paid for an excellent Surgeon! He told me the truth! Made me steamed!! He told me he’d do his best to help me w/ the pain & other symptoms of pain .. swelling… numbness… throbbing… stiffness… etc!!

God Bless!

Jan 25, 2019 · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

That’s a good & safer way to accomplrrlish the detox’n. To address Similar nervousness… I wrote me reminder notes for the am so I wouldn’t gorget!! forget! Also, I sipped on Sleepy Time Chamomile Tea. Additionally I would take an Epsom Salts bath… amazing! Reduces your pain..I too was recommended melatonin but, I experienced nightmares! Aweful dreams! Also, drinking Cherry juice is also related
To melatonin. But tried Nighttime formula NyQuil. that works for me. Do NOT take Benedryl!! They have a caution places in them for being an Anticholernergic which hastens Alzheimers!!

Also the dosing for all changed ~ 5-6?yrs ago. Women are 4 mg of Ambien/Zolpidem 6 mg for men. I survived that transition. Can’t say it wasn’t a challenge.. but I survived.

I’d be inclined to research MDs that allow tor the Rx of at least 4 mg of Ambien. They tend to be spooked w/ all the dizzing opinions about pain medicines. They don’t know what pain really is till it happens to them!! Then all of a sudden it’s REAL!! Don’t worry that you coul be addicted…. you’re NOT! There is s difference in NEEDING pain b/c you crave it and need it to eradicate or minimize pain! My Sister is an MD and had to explain the difference. She told me you’re not out in the streets trying to get all you could if ANY pain Rx!!

Additionally, there are pain clinics that can help w/ exercises that are safe to try Ie Tai Chi that help w/ flexibility and vs Fill contact kick-boxing.

PS: I was forced to endure numerous full cessation NO tapering of my pain meds! That can precipitate a heart attack or cerebral vascular event! It was due to Workers Comp not wanting to pa! Also…. the PhD not caring about the fact that auto -Fill is to help all Rxs be on time. Instead they “forgot”to activate it on that Rx!! (on accidental on purpose!!) Soo I go several days w/o Rxs!! I die w/ severe heart burn w/ just Advil! Oh.. I wish you doo much more than I got! I was practically suicidal! When I found my MD as my Primsry Dr. She requires 6 mo Pain Mgmt meeting and urinalysis. & signing a Pain Mgmt Contract to only let her Rx your pain meds…. but I have nothing to hide if I get my meds!!

Almost forgot.. white or pink noise App on my phone! I put it on to sleep w/ a sleep mask. It drowns out little noises that can wake me up!! Sooo helpful!! I wish you well!! My Friend! 💜🙏🏻🌹🌈

Sep 13, 2017 · Fibromyalgia and Spinal Bone Spurs in Autoimmune Diseases

OMG! I think we’re twins! I started w/ Fibro Dx after Carpal Tunnel Dx. (Workers Comp MD found it while treating me for CT. I immediately went to MY MD to see what this “condition” was. I didn’t have the name yet. I was referred to testing…. I had the answer waiting for me next MDs appt. as usu. pT was recommended.. What I got was torture!! They wanted me to “work out ” the knots by using a foam roller!! REALLY!!?? Sooo painful!!

My W/C MD was a Physiatrist & Rx’d Ultram & low dose Anti Depressant therapy. After about a month, I started to realize some relief. My MD Rx’d Neurontin for my Sciatica (R/side…. ) then.. My W/C MD was an Angel!! He cared so much about me… And my pain.. God Bless him!! Flash forward to about 2 yrs ago… My Back MD ( MY health plan) ordered an MRI… BINGO!! Spinal Stenosis!! (Bumps on the vertebra … Shifted L/4/5 pinching my spinal cord… Also due to bone on bone of my R/ Knee (x-Rays) my gait is like I’m drunk! I weave all over the place!!

Knees KILL ME!! Rheum. Refused to Rx pain Rxs.. Dumped me to My Personal MD. Then the HELL starts.. W/C dumped me!! No longer would pay for Ultram for Pain … Anti dep (Lexapro) … & Ambuen to @ least get 5 yrs of sleep… I went into the most horrible pain syndrome. I had to prove all over again (w/my insurance) that I really needed the Rxs STILL!! Well I did.. THE most horrible pain… Couldn’t walk!! Did EMG of arms & hands… Found I had THE worst CT ever!! That just shooting cortisone the W/C folks pushed did NOTHING to correct!! I had initial DeQuervaines Surgery on dominant hand & tendon to side of wrist. (R) then L/
Then when the Hand Surgeon looked at my films… He asked me his I had lived??!! I told him I didn’t!! I almost lost my job!! Told me you BADLY need a FULL C/T surgery to CUT the tendons in both hands!! I tried to use my L/hand to not get fired!

Amazing how I don’t have to hold my R/hand w/ my L/ to just brush my teeth!! I have more blood flow!! Less numbness!! The beginning g of the end of SEVERE pain!!

Back MD Rx’d me the Ultram again w/ some T#3 for REALLY severe pain ( in lieu of the Ultram) also tried injecting my spine w/ Facet Injections. (cortisone). I couldn’t tolerate it!! So he recommended Radio Ablation where ~ 6″ nerdles are inserted over an X-Ray table and current “burns” the connection to transport pain messages to my brain!! Worked for ~ 16 mos!! Then
“Repeat, Rinse!” But BIG difference.

Knees.. X-Rays revealed I need bi-lateral Knee REPLACEMENTS ( @ age 58!!) R/ bone Vs Bone!! Sent for knee injections .. MD couldn’t believe I needed both!!! Injected.. So he lectured me about health & nutrition( I’m also an EMT) and ate some cavalier comments.. But he did suggest Double Strength Glucosamin Chondroitin & Turmeric tabs. I had read they were BS… So I went into to this biased… Finally ~ 4 mos… Whoa!! Inflammation & pain greatly reduced!! I was able to walk some w/o crying in SEVERE pain! Told to lose wt for bi-lat knee replacements too! Ah! How can you exercise if you barely walk!’ I was active previously in Karate… Swimming… Speed walking… And physical skills for my LE job… I also volunteered in EMS WORK & Red Cross as Instructor of CPR!! I had yo demo it to students… In my KNEES!! Well… That was NOW a no go!!

I had to start using a cane.. Which is quite humbling!! Some WANT to be disabled… NOT me… I was embarrassed… Then comes the continued issues…”you don’t LOOK disabled”. Fibro what?? Well don’t think about it… You don’t hurt!! RIGHT!!

So.. Glucosamin DS(dbl strength ( 2 caps in am
1 in pm…) Turmeric W/ Black Pepper 1 in an & 1 in
Pm… Ultram q6 hrs (50 mg) .. Ambien(5 mg) at bedtime) but D3 6,000 mg… But B Complex… 2x Fibrr Caps ( to stay regular ) & probiotic for stomach health ( I have ulcers too!) Note: the Turmeric & Probiotics are good for your stomach!!

I also gave a great medical source… My younger Sister is an Interventional Cardiologist. So I clear all w/ her!!

PS: I’m also female and went thru Menopause too thru the Dx phase!! I’m not able to take the several Antidep. I was Rx’d due to .. Excessive sweating… Then Hair loss… (I have long hair) then caused Blood pressure to go up!! Can’t win for losing!! But… I’m now stabilized.. Have a few days I HAVE to use a cane.. If Im not familiar w/ a place, I take my cane!! Been humiliated by falling everywhere… Now I’m more able to walk w/o buffing it…. Only thru the grave of God and my 1st make MD (JB) did I learn about my Sx & the options available to me.

I warn you.. Not all MDs even acknowledge the existence of Fibro.. chronic Fatigue… Etc.. Gotta find someone who care enough to read them New England Journal of Medicines!! On the latest discoveries.

PS: I have common past history of multiple MVA’s (car accidents I never caused but had to endure!! Some believe Fibro is due to brain memory of past pain hitting you all at once… Hoping we aren’t forgotten! I still fight for the rest of my life!!

Thank You & God Bless my Bros & Sis w/ the pain syndromes!!

Don’t hesitate to ask me ?s I will try to reply… As I can..( 5 total C/T surgeries… Also 3 Maxifacial Sinus surgeries ALSO RELATED to Fibro!! YES!!! I am Not crazy!!