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4 days ago · Just want to talk: What are other seniors doing while staying home? in Just Want to Talk

I have a Master's degree in art education. Since my forthcoming workbook for grieving children is illustrated by a doodle artist, I decided to try it. I ordered pens and a sketch pad from Amazon and started doodling. Surprise! I was pleased with the drawings. I'm sad that production of the workbook has been temporarily halted due to the pandemic. Hopefully, production will resume in a few months. I also love to cook and even wrote a cookbook. A couple of days ago I created a recipe for Rich Chocolate Cookies with Chocolate Chips. The cookies are soooo good! If you want the recipe, go to harriethodgson.com and click on the blog tab. Because I'm a writer, I've been working on an article for a website. Finally, I am savoring the time I spend with my paraplegic husband. We've been married for 62 years and always find interesting things to talk aboutl

5 days ago · Is anyone here addicted to the internet? in Addiction & Recovery

I'm an author and the Internet is where most people go to buy books. My publisher wants authors to use social media to spread the word about their books. I''m on Facebook every day.

Sat, Mar 14 8:24pm · Will BUN levels affect aorta valve replacement? in Heart & Blood Health

I don't have an answer to your question. I do know that psyching yourself up for surgery takes effort and courage. To have surgery postponed is a letdown and you need to psyche yourself up all over again. Hope things go well for you. I had open heart surgery and the incision in the middle of my chest healed amazingly well. Thank you Mayo Clinic surgeons!

Sat, Feb 22 2:10pm · Weary of Caregiving in Caregivers

This is an ideal place to "lurk," as you put it, and I hope you lurk often. We will be thinking of you as you approach donation day.

Thu, Feb 20 1:33pm · Caring for grandson with cerebral palsy after loss of loved ones in Loss & Grief

In between your moments of profound sadness, take a moment to be glad they were part of your life. Can you do something to honor them? For example, you may volunteer in memory of your sister. I did this for a couple of years and it made me feel better.

Mon, Jan 20 8:55am · Art for Healing in Just Want to Talk

We are kindred spirits.

Mon, Jan 20 6:55am · Art for Healing in Just Want to Talk

I agree. Art is healing. Though I earned an MA in art education, sometimes I wish I had pursued a degree in art therapy. Everything I do I see through the lens of art. Surprisingly, I became a health/wellness author (38 books) and love it.

Sun, Jan 12 9:48am · Terrified: Soon to have open heart surgery, so many questions in Heart & Blood Health

Eileen, thanks for reminding me about grocery store exercise. I walked every aisle several times and it helped.