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Aug 29, 2019 · Aortic Stenosis & Valve Replacement in Heart & Blood Health

In some people’s cases, passing out isn’t enough for them to act. Cardiac arrest is not enough for them to do anything about BAV. If you’re on medi-caid, this country is happy to watch you die, while they call you an anxiety patient. I have gotten multiple second and third opinions, but they can’t force your doctors to do proper testing, and the can’t force your doctor to diagnose it’s cardiac arrest, if they want to call cardiac arrest, near syncope. As they’ve done with me for almost a decade as I woke up and died repeatedly. We have the worst medical system in the industrialized world because insurance companies get to tell doctors how and when to treat patients.

Oct 19, 2017 · Valve repair in Heart & Blood Health

I hope you are doing well, it sounds like you are tolerating a low ejection fraction pretty well, if you are only having SOB with exertion. Do you have problems while laying down flat, without head raised for more than a few minutes? Do you have any pains, or ever come close to passing out, or have visual disturbances?
Approx 1/100 people are born with a bicuspid (instead of tricuspid) aortic valve and it can start affecting a patient at any age, but usually starts causing symptoms at around your age. There is nothing to be done except valve repair/replacement, if it is this.
I would highly recommend being seen at the Mayo Clinic, or a heart valve specialist group which is also very experienced, if you have the option to do either.
Good luck, and keep taking care of yourself as well as you do, but I would take it easy on any possibly vigorous cardio workouts until you know what’s going on exactly.

Oct 2, 2017 · Husband has unexplained chest pains, doctors unable to diagnose in Heart & Blood Health

Hi Casey, give my best to your husband, he is very lucky to have you helping him the way you are, please keep up your support, it is crucial for people having serious problems which aren’t diagnosed, or misdiagnosed.
I have a suggestion which might be helpful, as I know that 1 in about every 100 people was born with a bicuspid aortic valve (instead of tricuspid) and many of them aren’t diagnosed until they reach the morgue. BAV is something that obviously doesn’t get as much attantion as it should, despite the high prevalence. Mine started with a few episodes of c/p many years ago, then I started having severe night sweats, nausea/vomiting, dizziness, and sob and increasingly more regular c/p with exertion or laying down. It sounds like many of the symptoms he/you describe fit the bill, but it could still be many things. I will also say that people who have this condition are prone to abdominal problems (as I have been my entire life) due to the body shunting blood away from the intestines first during episodes of increased heart failure, i.e. exerting himself, or the end of the day.
Do his ankles ever swell? When does the chest pain usually start? Does the chest pain change with inspiration/movement or palpation? Does the pain seem to radiating from one point to another point? Does he get SOB when lying down? Productive cough (color of phlegm?)? What does he find helps relieve the pain? Rest? Does he wake up with chest pains and SOB, or his dizziness? How does he describe the pain in his chest, besides intermittent?
I would like our country to start screening for this congenital heart defect, like the AMA and international community of valve specialists and many cardiologists believe should be done. This is a serious heart condition which can start affecting people who have it, at any age and usually kills by causing an aneurysm, which eventually dissects, if not recognized. People with this heart problem often have connective tissue problems and this might be an early sign in some. Has he had an ultrasound(echo), stress echo of his heart to check for valvular problems? If not, please have his doctors check it.

Sep 18, 2017 · Regurgitating Bicuspid Aortic Valve in Heart & Blood Health

I do appreciate the concern and would like to have someone to talk to about this. I know I’m more angry than I should be about this and that it isn’t any one persons fault. It is the fault of everyone who votes on this issue thinking medi-cal (medi-caid) patients are all free loaders if they aren’t working. This type of mindset kills a lot of good people and it needs to be changed. My comments at this point are to point out the flaws that most people ignore or blame the patients for. I have asked for second and third opinions, since I was told it needed replacing 6 years ago, while I was still able to do 72 hour shifts while having heart attacks on the job. Then targeted and fired two years late for a mistake which didn’t change anything in saving a prisoners life. Lost insurance and became an anxiety patient almost immediately after they lost my records. Got a new job and new insurance, received half way decent testing before being fired for needing time to go to Stanford for this and was fired and couldn’t afford those tests anymore and called an anxiety patient again, as soon as I lost my job and insurance again. Our countries health care problems will never change, of people’s minds aren’t changes about letting people die to save money, when they could still be productive. I know I am going to die soon because of this and I give up on wasting my time looking for help in this country. I just want people to realize what their votes mean.

Sep 18, 2017 · Regurgitating Bicuspid Aortic Valve in Heart & Blood Health

Yes, the news out of Washington should be harming everyone’s hearts in this country, not warming them, if it isn’t. That is the point I will make every chance I get. About half of this countries population votes on the right to kill other citizens to save money in our healthcare system and let otherwise very productive people turn into radicals who hate this country. It’s very easy to see why we have had so much home grown terrorism in this country, which gets turned into a religious fight which is likely to bring about the self-fulfilling prophecy of those religions. Armageddon is something that, I think, the religious right and their hypocrisy are actually striving towards because they think they will finally be spared some of the pain of life. I know I sound crazy to a lot of people, I guarantee I’m not though. It is just that I think most of this planet is crazy and am tired of the lies, hypocrisy and slaughter of good people, by the sharks of the world. The ones only concerned with money and power at all cost. If you are one, then you are in the wrong, not me. I just get to die because of your votes after working harder and more debilitating injuries and heart problems than anyone I’ve known in this country while being ridiculed for that heart problem and told I deserve it. All with cure, right there and available to some of the people in this country, but not the truly good, hard working ones who didn’t make their lives about money and greed.

Sep 18, 2017 · Regurgitating Bicuspid Aortic Valve in Heart & Blood Health

This is why we should be voting for a universak health plan in this country. So the predatory capitalism in our healthcare, might stop killing so many people to POSSIBLY save money, although it would only cost the very riich a little bit more and everyone else substantially less, which is all anyone in this country thinks, or cares about. I DESERVE healthcare as much as anyone else in this country, if I don’t deserve it more than almost everyone who has told me to “man up” and get over it. I spent my life saving people’s lives, getting paid very poorly for it, and given the cheapest healthcare, which couldn’t (wouldn’t) diagnose either of my hernia’s or anything else, ever. I have been forced to work almost 100 hour weeks with a broken femur and no medical care st all during my first year as a medic, never went to the hospital. I fractured and separated three ribs on the first day of about 120 hour weeks on a fishing boat. I have paid my taxes since I was 8 years old, but don’t deserve anything but to be tortured to death with heart failure while my family and the rest of the country tells me it’s what I deserve. Thank you all so much! I hope one of the 13 people who’s hearts I restarted can appreciate where I’m coming from. I know no one else wants to.

Sep 18, 2017 · Regurgitating Bicuspid Aortic Valve in Heart & Blood Health

I called as you suggested and was promptly told that the Mayo Clinic doesn’t accept Medi-Caid (Medical-Cal). Please make sure you know that you accept something before telling patients they do. This is beyond frustrating and it makes me realize why we have so many people in this country who want it to fail. It, and almost everyone in it, is a predator to the weak and sick of this country, always doing its best to knock down those who are already down, and rip them off for what little money they have left.

Sep 18, 2017 · Regurgitating Bicuspid Aortic Valve in Heart & Blood Health

I mentioned that all of my problems and the disbelief of everything I say about my health, signs, or symptoms started when I lost my insurance with my job as a medic, didn’t I? The Mayo Clinic is the same as every other hospital in this country though, as I suspected. I am not worthy of a decent life, decent health care, or anything else because I can’t keep a job like this. I am a Medi-Caid (Medi-Cal) patient. I don’t have many rights and no one will treat me for this, that I can find. Please check things like that before giving false hope to other dying patients. I let my hopes go up, knowing from experience, not to. This is the greediest country in the world and it regularly kicks people out of ER’s to die when people are as poor as I am. That’s all, and that is how this country treats most sick people, insurance or not, it all comes down to money and power. Bye. Thanks for the false hope.