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Aug 28, 2017 · My dad has to have open heart surgery. I'm so scared! in Heart & Blood Health

My mother had two bypass surgeries. The first one was a quad, the second a quid,(one of the first arteries had to be repaired again). She had two angioplasties as well. She did fine on both. The last one was 20 yrs. ago. Im sure this surgery has been perfected so much by now. Recovery is long, but they have them sitting up the next day. No more laying around.
Its good to be scared, that shows your great concern for your dad. Im thinking he will be alright. Blessings.

Aug 24, 2017 · How can I tell if I have IBS or chronic pancreatitis in Digestive Health

OMG you just explained me. My troubles have been for at least 30 yrs. If not more. I have had every test under the sun in spades. Over and over again in case they missed something. They removed my gallbladder. It was functioning at only 23% it had grown into my pancreas and liver. It was a mess. I just had an endoscopic ultrasound. So now I know I have chronic pancreatitis and I have IBS and acid reflux/gerd. I am taking lots of medications for my stomach. Omeprazole for reflux, Align a probiotic, fiber, Creon pancreatic enzymes. You have to watch the FAT. It is your enemy, even the good fat you have to be careful with. Watch your gassy veggies. Broccoli, Cauliflower, cabbage, beans.They can be mean to you. Watch your grains, dairy, sugar. Be careful of meats. Stay away from carbonated drinks, watch your caffeine. Drink lots of water. Oh and a biggie, no alcohol your pancreas doesnt like it. Maybe just maybe you can survive.