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Aug 23, 2017 · Feeling tired & helpless from my depression in Depression & Anxiety

I am so depressed I don.’t do anything.I lost my husband of 17 years 4 months ago.I got sick during his illness and had to be admitted to psych ward. Now in last two weeks I have got so much worse .i am living with my son because of my health. I am on Welbutrin on 350 mg a day. Dr upped two weeks ago and I feel like I just do not want to live.What will I do she wants me to have outpatient etc.
I had 12 treatments. of etc and some did not work. That was a year ago Is there a chance her raising it to 350 it still could help. .?
I feel so depressed do not care about anything.I had a number of losses now.House had to move with Son,can not drive,my dogs with a friend where I used to live ,and loved where I used to live down South. Had lots of friends but now can not talk to people because of depression.I am seeing a very good therapist. Also a psych iatrist . Sorry to be rattling on but I am so depressed,do not know how I can stand it.