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Sep 16, 2019 · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

@saigurucharan I have dry nose and SOB but I'm on O2 24/7 .

Aug 31, 2019 · COPD and Emphysema: Want to connect with others in Lung Health

@djallan I did a little more research and it appears there is no scientific research or studies. It appears from the few articles I did find from MD's that it is popular in Europe and result from a few studies should positive results. From what I read it seems it can't harm you (with that being said there is always the possibility it can) I have the bed lamp also and likewise no different but I am going to try this salt inhalation and see if anything happens there. I tired trelegy and didn't seem to be any different. Currently on Tudorza , Symbicort, albuterol, Proair, 2.5L O2, 15 mg prednisone (going on 20 years for UC but does help me breathe easy) I was on 30 but could only get down to 15 before I could feel the symptoms getting worse. I also take 1200 mg twice a day of Mucinex. Occasionally do the flute value. Stay safe out there the Dorian track seems to change every few hours. Good luck on the biopsy. Breathe easy.

Aug 30, 2019 · COPD and Emphysema: Want to connect with others in Lung Health

@ethanmcconkey Thank you. I do have a question for the group. Has anyone tried a salt inhaler with Himalayan Pink Salt? If so how did it go? Still using it?

Aug 21, 2019 · COPD and Emphysema: Want to connect with others in Lung Health

@ethanmcconkey I haven't been receiving any post lately wondering if they sight is down or just not much going on? I usually would receive multiple emails a day

Aug 9, 2019 · COPD and Emphysema: Want to connect with others in Lung Health

I must make a correction "One thing that was in my retirement plan " Should read was NOT in my retirement plan.

Aug 9, 2019 · COPD and Emphysema: Want to connect with others in Lung Health

Thanks for the reply. I know folks on here are not docs but thought maybe someone else may have had the same type(s) of things noted. The post I provided was the report from a few days ago and they compared it to Oct 2015. The doctor hasn't called back so I figured I'd reach out the members for their take. I was taking Tudorza and Symbicort which I went back to recently. My pulmonologist had me try Trelegy which looking back is when things started going down hill. I have taken Spiriva and Advair in the past but when I fall in the gap I need to switch to Tudorza and Symbicort (both AZ medications) because I meet their income guidelines for PAP and with GSK I don't. Medications for COPD are out of control and I've been on them for over 10 years. One thing that was in my retirement plan. Add to that uncontrolled diabetes for 7 years, a heart attack and UC what more could a guy ask for ?? 🙂

Aug 9, 2019 · COPD and Emphysema: Want to connect with others in Lung Health

@ethanmcconkey I'm not sure how to start a new thread and I was hoping to get some ideas about a chest xray I had the other day. The dr's have sai nothing and while some of it I figure out the rest I'm not sure. I've had COPD for many years now and I think I may have hit the bump. Seemingly overnight my travel distance has become less than 10ft. Tired. o2 is okay while I'm doing things but then tanks more that normal when I stop and measure the reserve. I've posted the lab results in case others may have a had similar result. Also wondering who else may have hit the bum and what should I expect? Any and help and guidance is greatly appreciated. 006516296 RAD/CHEST PA AND LATERAL


Comparison: October 26, 2015.

Findings: PA and lateral views of the chest show normal cardiac
silhouette with mild atherosclerosis of the aortic arch. Diminished
lung markings in the upper lobes. Small calcified granuloma lateral
left upper lobe. Mild subpleural coarsened reticular thickening in
the lateral right midlung and scarring in the subpleural lateral left
midlung. No new airspace consolidation, pleural effusion or
pneumothorax. Increased AP dimension of the chest on the lateral
projection. No compression deformity.



Workstation: MCTPXNWK310

Jul 15, 2019 · Just Diagnosed Emphysema in Lung Health

Yes it is….just think if it were true ever major medical center in the US would be offering it. Or maybe Big Pharma has it buried so they can sell us inhalers at .$500 each usually requiring 2 + per month and has no interest in a cure. How can we find out how many have tried this and been cured. My gut tells me its not but given state of medicine and 100's of billions at stake you never know what they are capable of.