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Sun, Sep 1 12:09pm · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

Merry. Doctor gave me Trelegy and I have been doing great. I felt like I didn’t need it but then knew it was the reason I’m good. Am in Florida in the path of the hurricane but have faith and hope. No matter what life throws at us we are survivors. Stay strong. Blessings.

Wed, Aug 14 8:22am · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

You need to see your doctor. I understand problems with your vertebrae can cause breathing problems. Our bodies parts are so connected. I have had cervical surgery thru the back and and doctor believes this has caused other problems. Best answer is make an appointment.

Tue, Aug 6 7:34pm · Asthma, COPD, CVID and MAC in Lung Health

Joelars. Wonderful news. I have a nodule on my right lung. Been there for at least ten years. They watch it every year and it never changes. I forget about it. It’s normal for a GP to refer but I have had a problem finding a good one. Stay strong. Keep running and eat right. You have many years to enjoy. God bless.

Mon, Aug 5 5:19pm · Asthma, COPD, CVID and MAC in Lung Health

Joelars you will do it as the rest of of us do. One day at a time. If your doctor said four weeks don’t think you’re in hospice tomorrow. Give yourself a break. Be thankful you have a doctor who wants to work with you. You have many prayers in your direction. Let us know what is happening after doctor. We care.

Tue, Jul 30 9:46am · Stop smoking panic attacks. in Lung Health

I will add my story. I smoked for over 40 years. It was difficult and emotional. I did taper down to three cigarettes a day. My choice of time. It bothered me that I was weak and could not quit. I kept two in a drawer when was time to quit. It was a great day when I threw them away. For a long time I wanted to go back but didn’t. That’s about 25 years ago. I do have copd but every day my lungs get stronger. I know there is no cure but there’s a healing process. Our bodies were made to heal but due to poor choices mine will never be complete. Today to begin is better than tomorrow. God be with you.

Tue, Jul 30 8:08am · Stop smoking panic attacks. in Lung Health

The important thing is that you are going to live longer and have a more enjoyable life.

Sat, Jul 27 4:44pm · Protecting yourself during heat waves, high humidity and pollution in Lung Cancer

I live in Florida and it’s hot. Humidity is often high. I schedule appointments and grocery in the morning. I try to make a list for groceries so I am not going often. Air conditioning is good. I have boundaries and have to live within them. Not great but It’s good to breathe.

Fri, Jul 26 7:00pm · Stop smoking panic attacks. in Lung Health

If at first you don’t succeed try and try again