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May 4, 2018 · Should I consider ablation? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Age 68, considering ablation for intermittent episodes of AFIB. Been reading up on both RF ablation (burning), and Cryoablation (freezing). Also have plenty of PVC's for 35 years. Able to pretty much cope with them until AFIB episodes began three years ago, and PVC's have gotten worse and more alarming. So, I'm dealing with both. Apparently not enough PVC's to have them ablated but of course Dr's. are more concerned with the AFIB even though the PVC's actually bother me a lot more. I realize ablations are not always completely successful, but sometimes they are. It's like the luck of the draw, but some relief would be okay with me. Anyway, has anyone had the cryoablation (freezing) vs. the RF ablation (heat). In my reading, the cryoablation has less serious consequences should something go wrong. Any input from anyone having this procedure and how you are doing would be appreciated.

Mar 25, 2018 · AFIB & PVC'S in Heart & Blood Health

Thanks for the input.

Mar 25, 2018 · AFIB & PVC'S in Heart & Blood Health

Anyone out there have both intermittent AFIB episodes with PVC's in between the episodes? And, do your PVC's sometimes get more alarming a few days or hours before going into AFIB? PVC's most times feel worse that the AFIB anyway. My AFIB episodes are consistently around the 200 BPM range lasting four to ten hours then it subsides. Recently, have had upper stomach palps which feel like little flutters and a little racing at the same time then subsides after 10 or 15 seconds. Yes, I do have a cardiologist (2). One of them is an ablationist who I have spoken to about possible ablation for the AFIB. Don't take much medication, just Metropolol (beta blocker) and 30 mg. of diltiazem to try and slow the heart down after going into AFIB. Have yet to take the diltiazem to see if it will help slow the heart rate down when in AFIB thinking it may cause more PVC's or erratic beating when heart is slowing down. Any suggestions?

Feb 14, 2018 · Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hey there. I have lived with PVC’s for 40 years. Most times relatively tolerable during work or play. But, some times pretty bad. And, I feel everyone one of them. Skipping, jumping, fluttering, hesitating, floundering around and on and on. Started having AFIB episodes about 4 years ago, and PVC’s started getting worse and more frequent. Hundreds to thousands every day. On occasion I have a relatively good day. So, I have a couple of different issues. Still do as much as I can to help me relax. Still smoke, drink coffee and have a few beers on occasion.

Feb 12, 2018 · COPD, AFIB, PVCs in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hello all, been a member since July of this year (2017). Still just as miserable with intermittent AFIB and daily PVC’s. A quick overview of me…….I have had PVC’s for 40 years. Most times have been tolerable but over those years have had scores and scores of frightening experiences with them. I developed AFIB in 2014, and along with the PVC’s it’s been a real delight. In fact PVC’s have gotten worse and more frequent. I have done tons of research and read tons of testimonials on all kinds of related conditions and have actually struck out in trying to determine a way of getting rid of all this. Actually tired of talking about all the symptoms. Anyway, I discussed with my cardiologists about getting a three year heart monitor implanted in my chest that they offered me so as not to have to keep wearing holter monitors for 24 hours, two days, a week, or 30 days. I agreed and will have the 5-minute procedure done on 11/27. I will be able to send immediate symptoms to Drs. office and will be able to “dump” the monitor findings at the office once a month I guess so they can go over the results. As we all know, symptoms you may want to have them see sometimes don’t erupt while you are wearing the holters. I am also seriously considering getting an ablation. I realize it is not always successful, but I am tired of feeling all these symptoms. The bottom line is that there are successful ablations. Maybe it’s just the luck of the draw, who knows. Anyway, I will keep you informed as to how the implanted monitor works.

Jan 30, 2018 · Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have no problem transmitting manually. The unit is supposed to transmit automatically, so you shouldn’t have to manually transmit unless physician requests you to do so.

Jan 19, 2018 · Diltiazem Reactions For AFIB/PVC's in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Developed intermittent AFIB four years ago. Have had mild/tolerable PVC’s for 35 years up to that point. PVC’s got more frequent and “weird.” Anyway, haven’t taken many medications for any of it with the exception of Metropolol. Why? Because of side effects I read about. Recently, Dr. wanted me to try Amiodarone. I read about it, didn’t want it. Next he prescribed Mutaq. I read about, didn’t want it. A few years back one Dr. prescribed Diltiazem. Thought very seriously about it, but again, decided I didn’t want it. However, between Diltiazem and the other two medications I mentioned, the Diltiazem seems more reasonable. So, I’m going to talk my Dr. into the low dose of Diltiazem (30 mg. to start two or three times a day), and pop one when I go into AFIB which is usually around 200 BPM, which is pretty fast. Since I also have numerous PVC’s every day anyway, I’m still concerned that it will slow the heart down where the PVC’s will feel even worse with all the different types of PVC’s involved as well as hesitations. It’s like a Catch 22. Need to get the heart rate down when I go into AFIB, but don’t know if the Diltiazem will cause more problems with the PVC’s or whether it might even help them a little. Has anyone had experience with Diltiazem and also has PVC’s along with the AFIB?

Dec 3, 2017 · Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hello again Jiggle. Interesting post. I had a few days back in 1972 when I was being discharged from the Army where I kept having to gasp for breath like I couldn’t take any air in. It would come and go and was extremely scary. When I got home my family doctor said it was just anxiety and prescribed valium for me which I took very sparingly. It kept happening off and on for the next few years and finally went away. I think about that often and wonder if any of it relates to any present problems. I have had PVC’s for over 40 years. Many times very scary and bothersome but I would have to say that most of the time they were tolerable. Developed the intermittent AFIB 4 years ago and the PVC’s and other strange sensations have progressively gotten worse. The last four months things have really hit me hard to the point of being confused about what exactly is going on. Get a little bradycardia when going in and out of AFIB where the heart feels like it’s just floundering around not knowing what to do at a slow pace, with some instances of longer pauses and feeling of lightheadedness and feeling like I might faint but never do. I still try and truck on and do normal activities. No rhyme or reason to any of this so I hope I get some answers with the linq implant.