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Fri, May 3 8:43am · Young, Chest Pain, yet Tests Normal – Heart Problems? in Heart & Blood Health

I am here for heart issues of course but I noticed your post. This may sound a little wacky, but I have had a three or four bouts over the years of an unusual stinging type pain all across my upper chest. I think the first time was when I was around 35 (I'm 69 now), and the second was around age 50. The pain just never seemed to go away, day and night up to 4 or 5 months. Uncomfortable, but I tolerated during work and play. Was never checked for heart issues with it and was told it may be some kind of a skeletal arthritis type of thing. Nothing serious of course, but I don't think that's what it was. I do have a hiatal hernia but it has never really bothered me. Whether it was related to that, I don't know. All I can say is maybe have it checked out a little more with a specialist of some sort. It could just be a wacky thing like I have had with nothing to worry about except for a little discomfort now and then.

Wed, May 1 11:32am · Side Effects of Metoprolol? in Heart & Blood Health

Thank you Sue. I'll let everyone know about my ablation results. I've had the PVC's, SVT's and I guess the same ventricular tachycarid for 40 years. Just told I had to live with it work, play, relaxing, etc. All the different palps got worse when I developed the intermittent AFIB about six years ago. So, I'm looking forward to getting some relief from some of this. I still have my hair, receding just a little in front and on top. Problem is, is just not growing. I'll talk to my cardiologist about switching to different beta blocker.

Tue, Apr 30 6:48pm · Side Effects of Metoprolol? in Heart & Blood Health

Ablation scares me to, but I'm going ahead with it on June 5. When my AFIB kicks in it beats around 200. Usually last 6-12 hours, now twice a month. Have PCC's and SVT's as well in between all the time (40 years), so I want to get rid of something. You know what I mean.

Tue, Apr 30 6:45pm · Side Effects of Metoprolol? in Heart & Blood Health

Thank you. I'm approaching 70, but I still like hair. Mine is just kind of stunting. Growing very slowly, with a little noticeable thinning on top and sides. I may go off metoprolol and switch to something else after my ablation. I'll let you all know how the ablation goes. I have it on June 5.

Mon, Apr 29 8:25pm · Side Effects of Metoprolol? in Heart & Blood Health

Hi. No I haven't asked my cardiologist about changing to another Beta Blocker, although he did admit the metoprolol may cause some hair loss. I kidded with him and said my hair is more important than my health. LOL. Also, hoping the ablation for paroxysmal AFIB will take care of a few other wild and crazy SVT's etc. I have it on June 5. I will post you all about the results and how I'm doing.

Mon, Apr 29 7:53pm · Side Effects of Metoprolol? in Heart & Blood Health

Age 69, and have had Paroxysmal (intermittent) AFIB for about 5 years. Gotten to the point where it is happening twice a month. With me, the BPM range from 170-200 for 6-12 hours. I can endure it for a while but then it starts tiring me out. So, I decided to go with the ablation (scheduled for June 5). I also have PVC's and SVT's so I'm hoping maybe it will alleviate some of these as well. I still try to remain as active as possible although some activity or strenuous work will bring on the PVC's and SVT's. As we all know, they can be very uncomfortable and scary. Sometimes I'd rather have the AFIB believe it or not. Anyway, I'll let you all know how the ablation works out. One other quick question a little out of the way. Has anyone experienced hair loss due to Metoprolol or Eliquis? My hair is thinning a little and growing back real slow. I've been cutting real short for awhile anyway but it is growing back real weird with a little balding on top.