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Jun 4, 2018 · My hill repair Antireflux surgery made my symptoms worse in Digestive Health

Yes. Esophagram, mortality , ph testing done. All came out good. Although the upper Gi testing came out with small reflux. That was last year July 2017. My symptoms got better about 2 mos later. Now my symptoms with constant coughing, can't carry a conversation withought coughing . More reflux comes out through my throat. Sometimes having hard time breathing. Devastating say the least. I am going back to my Gi and Ent at USC. Or ably need to do all the tests again. What I need is a surgeon who can tell me what is wrong with my Antireflux surgery. My surgery was Hill repair Antireflux . It looks tight still. But who cares I would pay anything to put my stomach the way it was. My reflux before the surgery was so mild compared to after the surgery. I stopped doing the discussion because it made me so sad and depressed writing about this. I need to talk to a good experienced surgeon to see what happen to me. I know it's impossible but can any surgeon undo this wrap?

Aug 2, 2017 · My hill repair Antireflux surgery made my symptoms worse in Digestive Health

Thank you for your reply
Past 3 weeks have been very miserable. I have been constantly coughing. Spitting out my reflux( sounds gross). I constantly cough while I am talking. I love to talk but have to limit my self from talking.my reflux irritates my throat with those enzymes and other stomach stuff. I try to stop from coughing while I am working on my patient ( I am a hygienist )
Then all the reflux I have been holding irritates my throat , have to excuse my self then go to the break room and cough violently. Thought about quitting my job but my patients been
Very understanding. Had hard time breathing at times. People think I have flu or cold . I had to let them know that I have a reflux not cold. I don’t want them to think that I am contagious. definately depressed at times. I wish I had a typical reflux. But I have atypical
LPR which is not responsive to PPI and surgeries. Finally I feel a little bit better now today.
I will take it. But I wish I never had that surgery done to me. I want my story to be a warning to others. I jumped into having a surgery without thinking hoping that it would be an answer to my Reflux. LPR. Well that surgery made it worse and have never been the same. Let’s see what my tests are going to say..

Jul 27, 2017 · My hill repair Antireflux surgery made my symptoms worse in Digestive Health

Hi I had my hill repair Antireflux surgery in 2006 to fix my Laryngopharygeal reflux.
Biggest mistake of my life. My problem was burning of my tongue. I didn’t have
Coughing, hoarseness, asthma. My ph
Testing showed mild reflux. I didn’t have hiatal hernia either.
First day after surgery. I had hard time breathing because things would come up to my throat could not breath. My surgeon said wrap is too tight it would not pass my saliva. It passed but other symptoms would occur wake up coughing, small reflux would come up to my that constantly. I was able to eat everything
And my ph showed normal. Other surgeon would not even see me. Now after 11 years later I suddenly have asthma constant coughing and sever heartburn
Lost my voice sinus infection plus bronchitis due to this reflux. I know it is my reflux because I can constantly tast it
I know my wrap is tight because I can feel
My reflux going up and down between my les and my throat. How can I relieve this symptoms. Please help. I am getting my ph and upper Gi barium next week.