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Jul 24, 2017 · Not sure what I have - keep getting different diagnosis and opinions in Brain & Nervous System


I am hoping those with experience and who has done extensive research into the matter can somehow help point me in the right direction or make sense of some of this. Side note: I have suffered from panic disorder from 16-17 years old which then turned into GAD. I’ve been able to get through most of my life okay, am now 32, with some flare up of GAD which includes minor OCD (checking to make sure everything is unplugged and stove turned off) and major health anxiety thinking I have a disease like MS. I had my first child four years ago and didn’t have any postpartum depression, except a mild episode of cutting my hair constantly because I couldn’t get the style right. In hindsight what I did was not normal and I think I had slight depression. Either than that, I exercised, ate well and was ok, minus the lack of sleep. My stress got better as my daughter got older was easier to watch and I got more sleep. Here we are with a second child who is currently 11 months. This time I am self-employed so no maternity leave and under high stress as four-year-old started kindergarten the year I had the second baby. Here’s my story with symptoms.

11 months ago:

Had a baby (second child). Vaginal birth, nothing complicated.
After delivery had a mild panic attack as I thought I couldn’t feel my legs. The feeling of dread came over that epidural went wrong. The first panic attack in over 15 years.
Had a major falling out with mother did not speak to her in over 9 months.
Worked 12+ hours on the computer with the newborn, constantly working and under high stress.
Breast fed for 3 weeks only then stopped cold turkey.
Woke up one night with head spinning, felt unwell.
Went on with life but experienced positional vertigo when looking down or tilting phone to take a call – diagnosed with BPPV in the right ear.
Afraid to drive and started getting anxiety attacks while driving not knowing dizziness was BPPV.
During this time also started getting severe headaches most in left ear, stabbing pain deep in my ear.
Was told in ER to perform Epley until gone – kept on doing Epley no more spinning in right ear but constant off balance feeling.
1.5 months ago and still dizzy, off balance, dizzy when turn head or look up or down.
Tinnitus in ear, louder in morning, ear popping/cracking
Feel like the floor is moving up or I am unreal.
Have developed brain fog, spaced out, derealization, anxiety, feel detached from my body.
Feel like I am moving when the car is stopped.
Intense fear of being alone with kids and “all alone”

Referred to ENT: opinion: BPPV likely not completely resolved, complete habituation exercises to get used to dizziness.
Go to Neuro-muscular surgeon to look at signs of TMJ as this can be causing my symptoms. Can’t be anything else, my hearing test is normal no hearing loss or Meniere’s.

NEUROMUSCULAR SURGEON: Confirmed I do not grind, however, strong signs of clenching. Recommended TENS therapy and orthotic for my mouth.

NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR: SCM Trigger point, not enough oxygen getting to brain, tight muscles.

NEUROLOGIST: did have BPPV now have a migraine associated vertigo

GENERAL PRACTIONER: did have BPPV but most likely Chronic Subjective Dizziness due to anxiety disorder.

I am not sure what I have. Blood test normal, CT Scan normal, waiting to do an MRI.

Does anyone know what this can be?