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Jul 22, 2017 · Can beet juice lower your blood pressure? in Heart & Blood Health

My blood pressure recently started running high so I was put on 20mg lisinopril daily, but after a week my bp would drop to 80/50 making me weak and dizzy. So I lowered my dose to 10mg, after a few days my bp was again dropping down to 80/50, so I stopped the lisinopril. Off the medication my bp fluctuated from 140-160 over 80-100. I take my bp at least twice a day and if it gets close to 160/100 I will take a pill. Yesterday after taking a pill my bp dropped again to 80/50, but then I had an ah-ha moment and remembered reading something recently on the Mercola website about beet juice and blood pressure, and I had a beet smoothie for breakfast. So this morning my bp was 158/95 but instead of taking a pill I had a beet smoothie. 90 minutes later my bp was 100/60 which I find amazing. I will continue tracking it through the day to see how long it stays in the normal range. Tonight I will have another beet smoothie and check my bp in the A.M. I now realize all those days in the past when my bp was dropping to 80/50 were probably the days that I was having beet smoothies. I have read about the studies where beet juice drops blood pressure a little, but raw beet smoothie really seems to drop it dramatically.