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2 days ago · Sjogren’s Syndrome – Introduce yourself and meet others in Autoimmune Diseases

I probably have had Sjogren's all my life but for the last fifteen years it has been very active. I have tried all of the different medications but of to no avail. At this stage in my life (82 years of age) to try other medications would interfere with many of the other medical problems I have. I thank you for thinking of me. It is kind of you to help myself and others and you are appreciated says Peach with a smile on her face ready to face the day.

Fri, Mar 27 8:22pm · Vitamins for Cardiac patient in Heart & Blood Health

Yes, sticking together in a crisis. How wonderful we Americans are. All of us from wherever the country we or our ancester's came from. We love and appreciate this wonderful country we live in. We see the comparisons of other countries and when the s— hits the fan we stick together helping each other and our country. Wonder of wonders: Americans.

Fri, Mar 27 6:45pm · Vitamins for Cardiac patient in Heart & Blood Health

I am home now. The wonderful place I went to saw me, appraised my health issues gave me a shot in my tuckas and not only that: LISTEN TO THIS: They sent a person to the nearest Publix and picked up my medicine that they prescribed for me and gave it to me to bring home. I then called the para-transit to bring me home, Wonder of wonders. THIS IS AMERICA WORKING TOGETHER WITH CARING AND LOVING. We must salute all the front line workers. Thank you god.

Fri, Mar 27 7:19am · Music Helps Me in Just Want to Talk

Ahhhh! We are back to the many, many different sounds of music. It takes you into different worlds. Soothing, exciting mellow, etc. Bouncing, rocking, exciting, mellow and many more worlds. It is medicine to many. Wonderful, wonderful music. Enjoy!

Fri, Mar 27 7:07am · Vitamins for Cardiac patient in Heart & Blood Health

Hello all, today is Friday morning 3/27/20 and I am on my way to a local urgent care as I have a urinary tract infection and possible the right kidney is affected as it is painful. Must be so very careful to prevent getting this Corona virus. I must take my chances because the last time I had a Urine Track infection it became septicemia so I must go. Need to be on antibiotics and whatever else. Will kiss my pets and be on my way.

Thu, Mar 26 4:14pm · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

I was not going to read this but with the new info that I am losing my hearing I had best read to learn. So thank you for this information.

Thu, Mar 26 4:11pm · Hard of Hearing and Going to the Movies: How do you deal with it? in Hearing Loss

went to an ear nose and throat specialist for my losing my hearing and he sent me to a dentist. This ENT doctor should know that Psoriatic arthritis can cause hearing loss. The dentist cannot help me so he says. I have said before and now again; What is wrong with the education of doctors when a layperson such as I knows more than the doctors. I know that I am not a doctor and do not have their schooling and am not smarter then they are. Do they have overload? They need to apply themselves. Perhaps when a patient such as I at 82 years of age presents themselves do they assume "Why bother she will be dead soon?" So what! I will treat myself to a good meal, watch a great movie on the boob tube and continue to spoil myself until the deafness continues and oh, I forgot I cannot read the lines on the screen because of the low vision. I will feel sorry for myself but when all comes to a head do not worry for me as I will be strong and continue to help others as this is the way I go. With love again, Peach

Thu, Mar 26 3:48pm · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

I have similar problems trying to get more information on Orcon for very low vision people. The very HARD SELL they push and the $5,000.00 price has me running away as far as I can. There are others for $10,000.00 and on and on. I am preparing a very special place for them and onlookers such as you and I can watch them squirm for free. Crooks, liars, etc., etc. I know so many people such as you and I who have been taken for $5,000 (and more) for hearing aids and eyeglasses that DO NOT REALLY WORK AS THEY SHOULD. May god save them from their misguided actions.