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1 day ago · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Please excuse me for introducing a new symptom (and health issue) (for me) and diagnosis of osteitis pubis. The pubis bones are at the end of the hip where it is closest to the spine. I guess this would be under bone health. This is an inflammation of the bone in a specific area. But this could be within any other bone in our bodies. The pain is in the top ten and no help with pain pills. Takes many, many months to hopefully heal with complete rest. This is since July 2020. This happened with me when I fell on my right side. So naturally it is my right side pubis bone that is affected. Wanted to die because I did think I was dying with the pain. It has calmed somewhat but not enough yet. Hanging in there, praying and suffering completely helpless. I am presenting this for all to be aware as this can be a killer. Peach (Pain, pain, pain.) love to all

Wed, Sep 9 4:53am · Your tips: Making communication clear when wearing a facemask in Hearing Loss

There is a misunderstanding on my part somewhere. I must be a big fool for doing what you say i have done. send me a copy of what I have done so I will NEVER, NEVER do this again. I am so very very sorry to all. Please believe me. No one is all knowing and I have done hurt without knowing it . I need to atone for this and never do this again, I am ignorant in this. Straighten me out please, please. Peach

Tue, Sep 8 5:20pm · Your tips: Making communication clear when wearing a facemask in Hearing Loss

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Sun, Sep 6 3:13pm · Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) - Introduce yourself and meet others in Autoimmune Diseases

Please, would anybody know if osteitis pubis would be associated with either Rheumatoid or Psoriatuc arthritis? Very, very painful.

Fri, Sep 4 5:06pm · Why do medical pros insist on leaving voicemails for HOH patients? in Hearing Loss

Forgot: I am also registered with the ADA American Disabilities Act. Peach

Fri, Sep 4 5:03pm · Why do medical pros insist on leaving voicemails for HOH patients? in Hearing Loss

I do know how you feel. I am low vision so I ask them to call me to take care of business. But all they do is send me gmails on the internet. Do we know if they truly care? "The Shadow Knows". It is not just you or I. Whatever their boss tells them to do to handle business is the way it goes. Please do not take this seriously and upset yourself. Life is "Just a bowl of cherries". some sweet and some not. Take care, Peach

Wed, Sep 2 3:18am · Diplacusis: Anyone else have this? in Hearing Loss

No but I have osteitis pubis and I cannot withstand the pain that goes with it. I have been suffering with this now for about two months and have been in a wheelchair because the pain and stiffness will not allow me to walk. I cannot sleep with the pain and that will surely do me in. The heavy duty pain meds do not help at all with the pain. I wonder if there is an infection with this? At age 83 I think this is it but again, the will to live is very strong.

Sat, Aug 29 1:12pm · Hand held microphones that can be used with hearing aids in Hearing Loss

Sorry, but with the low vision I cannot use a smart phone.