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3 days ago · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

Hi Lionness: I really do not think the doctors have the time to care especially because when I am waiting for my turn to be seen it becomes apparent: They are seeing about twenty or more patients an hour and in between this the interruptions, calls, etc. I might be wrong but my interpretation as to the quality of the doctors knowledge is only as good as their training (as well as their experience and attitude). And is their training as good as it should be? And is there any kind of enough experimental research going on in this area? What about the many persons who are slowly going blind. Also quite important: The hospitals here do not have an attending opthamalogists or on call. (Example: A patient arrives at the emergency room on a Saturday with a slashed eyeball in great pain and the hospital sends the patient away (without doing a thing for the patient) to see their opthamologist on Monday. (I know this is true as I was there). I wonder, is this the way it is handled all over the country? I meet with other elder's and as we talk together they talk of their problems with their eyes and not having the problems attended to. Waiting many months or more to remove cataracts, etc. I do care for myself and the other persons in need but when I see how really bad it is in other countries I sort of slow down and stop. Thinking of you, Peach

3 days ago · My 90 yr old Mom has pneumonia and I'm worried... in Lung Health

Dear Merpreb,, thank you for caring and sending me the new information, The doctors attitude shows his lack of and failure to have and give respect. Usually they think they are better or need to feel this way to compensate for the lack of decency and respect they do not have for themselves. They need to do this to compensate for their failure to understand the "Whole" and they do not care It is part of who they are doctor or not. Doctors are no better than anyone else. If they do not care for themselves as a whole why should they care for you their patient! However,to all the other kind of doctors in this world I salute you, respect you and I care for you and thank you again and again. You sound like a good and caring person so do not let a doctor of this kind affect you and again I thank you. Peach

Sun, Jan 19 7:18pm · Morning glucose test in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Dear Dorisena I agree with much of what you have written as I have experienced the same. I also, have thought of gardening with high tables. Wonderful idea. Getting back to the glucose readings: I have had the same experiences with the readings. The only way I get fairly better readings is if I lose much weight but still the pot belly with a weight of 140 pounds and I am 5'7" tall. We are what we eat and must listen to our body.

Tue, Jan 14 4:54pm · My 90 yr old Mom has pneumonia and I'm worried... in Lung Health

Thank you Linda as I really need all the encouragement I can get. I am now facing another big problem to correct the unstoppable bowel movements due to pelvic organ prolapse. Kind of old to have this corrected with an operation but: I live alone and do need to leave the house for friendship of any kind. (Cannot bring my commode with me to use at a moment's notice and with privacy). This is very embarassing even to write about it. Seems it never stops but sometimes things work out well as: I have been very, very cold even on 85 degree days with wearing three or four layers and at night, brrrr. I again wear many layers with three heavy covers. I do have hypothyroidism. Well I googled how to deal with this so: Reading "the soil is depleated from iodine and this can cause my being so cold". So I bought "thyroid support" with iodine and after about four days of taking these pillsI am not cold any more. Of course when I see my endochronogist again I will present this to her. Staying alive is a job. Perhaps doing all this helps to keep me alive (age 82). The doctors get very very tired of hearing about these problems and they do not want to be bothered with this. I have even had a doctor turn his back to me and leave the room. I know I will go to heaven but he will have to atone for this. Must shuss up now, to much is to much. Enjoy your day and dance a little.

Mon, Jan 13 11:15am · My 90 yr old Mom has pneumonia and I'm worried... in Lung Health

Thank you. I need to add this other important serious item. The doctor made me feel as if he was not even trying to help me and I became very, very anxious. It took much determination on my part to cope with this. BUT; Perhaps another person would have given up and then perhaps died? Sorry t burden you with this but it needed to be said. Peach 82 and still breathing.

Mon, Jan 13 6:34am · My 90 yr old Mom has pneumonia and I'm worried... in Lung Health

YES! I agree. I am an 82 year old lady who came down with pneumonia May 2019. The emergency room doctor could not care less in many ways and boy did it show. However I did not fight back by saying anything and played stupid to survive as I was to weak and struggeling to breath. Shame on them as we the elders do know when we are put down. To sum it up: With much, much difficulty I survived. To me the important thing is to keep my dignity and belief in myself. Thank you Mayo for allowing this on your site. Peach

Wed, Jan 8 11:41am · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

Thank you. It is good to sometimes complain but then do the opposite, laugh, turn on the radio and dance, sing, drink an orangeade, laugh at nothing. Get your mind into a better place. Good for a while then get out the crayons and color something or play a crazy solitaire game on the internet or tablet. Then walk outside and talk to the sun or the rain while looking a the flowers. Or the birds. Be crazy for a while as the dog or cat watches you then talk to them.

Tue, Jan 7 7:29pm · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

Tjanmk you for your concern. I have seen five opthamalagist's. All sort of shifty. They have their technologists take the tests, The MD will go over them but in the end they all say nothing can be done. They all say do not worry about the pus that is natural. ??? They are very, very secretive. When I win the lottery perhaps then I will truly find out. So sad, the depression takes over many times. This is a fight I work with over and again and then I find a way to spoil myself with as much love and care one can do for their selves. As the world turns. Will there be a full moon tonight? Perhaps I will howl!!!