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Sat, Jun 13 12:45pm · Taking Eliquis and Metoprolol for A-fib: Concerned about side effects in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Does anybody know how to treat peripheral artery disease? I cannot walk any more and am in a wheel chair and getting worse. The pain is constant. Think I have a cardiologist that is not to informed.

Fri, Jun 12 7:05am · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

Hello Ginger yes you are right. It is important to wear the mas if you are older, have diabetes and all the other medical issues that go with it. This is to protect you. Almost all of the younger people without medical issues usually do not wear the masks because the virus does not affect them as much as it does with us older and sicker people. (UNTIL AND IF THE VIRUS MUTATES (CHANGES) We PTSD people are more up tight and rightesly so because of out PTSD. Let them live their lives the way the want to and we will live our lives the way we want to. Wearing the masks will not be forever and probably will be the bunt of many jokes for a long time. The destruction of property is coming from some people who are trying to take over. To me it is a coup (hope I spellt it right.) You, I and many, many other people know right from wrong. And then there are the others who come from a different mind set and do wrong, hurtful, lawless and evil deeds. Hold on tight and VOTE. There is still much love in this world

Thu, Jun 11 7:06pm · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

Yes, I am sure that some of us are having these difficulties. The world is constantly changing over and again. We really are the same as everyone else but with a few more horrors added to our lives. Many people could not put up with what we have to but we do. I am now in constant pain with no pulse in my feet due to chronic venous insufficiency. My feet are turning black. Perhaps this will keep my mind off the world's conflict's. Excuse my bitterness as sometimes PTSD overcomes me. Some how I will smile and good luck to you.

Tue, Jun 9 5:28pm · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

Yes, I agree.

Tue, Jun 9 2:41pm · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

When I asked the opthamologist to remove the permanent plugs He would not address the issue. Again with the other doctor. (Think they might do more damage to remove them).

Tue, Jun 9 9:02am · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

Does any one know if permanent plugs can be removed?

Mon, Jun 8 8:28pm · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

I have had plugs introduced into my eyes on three different occasions. None worked. A waste of time and damage to the eyes can happen. Check this out ten times before doing anything. Also have not heard of any one else who said that plugs helped. Sorry.

Sat, Jun 6 5:54pm · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

Do not know where to fit this in but here goes, Cannot get the answer to: For a person who has never taken prednisone will taking 150 mg of prednisone and then 10 hours later taking another 150 mg of prednisone be dangerous or even deadly for an 83 year old woman with many health problems? I will explane more if someone needs to know for an answer.