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10 hours ago · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@karen00 Are you referring to leaving the hospital or when you arrive home? How long has it been since you have been out-o-doors? Happy first day of Spring cyber friend!!

12 hours ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@merpreb Thanks. Hoping the same. Happy Spring.

18 hours ago · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@gingerw WOW!! Definitely a challenge!! I can no longer travel and even thinking of all of this wears me out. That is a long way from home. What an adventure!! I am excited for you.

18 hours ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

I taught a neighbor how to text. Grateful I could do so. Her children and grandchildren are too. Must admit I feel good about being able to help in a small and big way too.
CT scan today.

18 hours ago · Can I go cold turkey on Quetiapine (Seroquel) 100mg? in Mental Health

@mia001 I have read your post in self-harm. Did your family doctor or the psychiatrist put you on Seroquel? You need to speak with the prescribing physician as I am not qualified to advise you. Only a doctor can do thus.

18 hours ago · Selfharm in Mental Health

@mia001 Would you mind my asking your age? How long have you been feeling this way? Was this the first time you met with the psychiatrist? Have you tried or seen another one?

19 hours ago · Selfharm in Mental Health

Pain and depression can get better. Self-harm is an outlet and a distraction. At times it can even be a way of seeking attention or asking for help. There are healthier ways of dealing with the pain and loneliness that come with depression. When we hurt there are healthier ways to deal with hurt. Depression can bring with it isolation because we cannot feel like others or enjoy the things they do. Seeing a therapist is a healthy start. Be honest about your self harming with the therapist and do not hide it. Secrets can be harmful.
Writing is a start and can be easier for some than talking. Never hesitate to call a help line.