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2 days ago · Guilt Towards Family Due To Mental Illness in Mental Health

It is called “public domain”. I chose to post this low pixel on a public site. I have no control on what others chose to do with a piece of original art. I leave these choices up to those viewing thus as to how it will be used. There is always a way around things and if what I create helps another this is a good thing :). Had I been concerned about someone using it for personal gain I would not have posted the painting as I do believe that there are many good people in this world.

2 days ago · New here in Mental Health

My 2 cents worth on crime the world over having roots related to child abuse…likely in many cases this is true. Yet, is up to each individual as to how they live their lives. Many have only know abuse and carry on the abuse because it worked for the authority figures in their lives. For some, yelling, threatening, denigrating/ beating, etc. achieved the purpose for others so on it goes. There are those who chose to break the cycle of abuse. I believe it is to those doing so that applause is due.
Also the media plays an even stronger role (again, my opinion). Turn on the TV and there is mostly drama encouraging negative behavior. Something doesn’t suit someone-need I say more?
Child abuse is a sad thing and when I see a big person berating a little person as the blame for their own ineptitude it is difficult.

2 days ago · Peripheral Neuropathy - Stretching and Exercise in Neuropathy

@keeptrying I so hear what you are saying. I miss hiking/birding/horseback riding/-the list goes on. I can find a happy place in painting the things I so love. Mostly nature and the creatures dwelling therein. @kevinking Yes, exercise does help. The more muscle we lose the weaker we become. I do the best I can and had to slow the pace :(. No particular exercises. Some stretching, mild Tai Chi and walking.

2 days ago · I have been experiencing rapid cycling for months. in Mental Health

As to the harmfulness of anti psychotics-I was put on an array of them for 8 years and was told I had no choice. Was kept in the metal health system for 8 years with threats/guilt trips/manipulation/lies. I was on such a cocktail I am amazed I was even able to function. Even was guilt tripped into having a Vegas Nerve Stimulator which was one of my worst nightmares. I told the doctor I did not think it was a good idea as I could not wear a battery operated watch. I was accused of not wanting to get better!!! It continually reset and a maintenance check was done and there was nothing wrong with the device.
Will not go into all of that as it is behind me now. I had it removed in 2010. I will no longer be a guinea pig!!!
I am now seeing a qualified therapist with good boundaries and has some experience working with PTSD. Validation I am not Schizophrenic just in case another MD wants to put me on an anti psychotic as I do not need them. Good chance that those nasty drugs did damage as the neuropathy started with the introduction of these and the VNS. Side effects I was told. Have been off of all of these for over 4 years. Am I still having side effects????
Dismounting soap box once again.

2 days ago · B-6 vitamin danger! in Neuropathy

@lynsorensen Thank you for posting this!!! Read your labels folks as the daily recommended dosages are listed for a reason. Too much B6 with some medications can also cause problems. A healthy diet is likely the best way to go. With all of the chemicals in the soil many minerals are being lost and raw foods are not as nutritious as they once were-this is only my theory as to this old farm kid that grew up with everything being done organically-dismounting soapbox.

2 days ago · Guilt Towards Family Due To Mental Illness in Mental Health

@amberpep We all see different things when we view a painting. The enjoyment in creating. No two people interpret the meaning in the same way. Thank you for the compliment. I loved the West and in my dreams I will be going there. I am content where I am and painting memories. Looking forward to having Christmas with my 2 grand children.

4 days ago · Guilt Towards Family Due To Mental Illness in Mental Health

@jimhd I like your rambling so no need to apologize. Have a good whatever the time of day it is.