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45 minutes ago · SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder in Depression & Anxiety

@merpreb Back at you lightshine! I always have lots of lights on!! It also helps my mood(s) to play with pen and paper. A once avid birder and still lover of the birds. A playtime.

1 hour ago · SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder in Depression & Anxiety

I have also been taking D3 for nearly 10 years now. I take 4000 IU daily as directed by OB/GYN.

2 hours ago · Bad nights and dreams in Mental Health

@ryman After so many negative experiences with medications I no longer use them. I have tried herbal teas and was disappointed as well as essential oils even various supplement combinations. I have an array of issues that rob me of sleep. The last time I spoke with a therapist I stated therapy seemed to be going nowhere and EMDR was mentioned. I am considering this…

2 hours ago · ALTERNATIVES FOR PAIN MANAGEMENT in Chronic Pain

I believe this is the best most of us with chronic pain can hope for is some relief. For some it depends on the cause of the pain. There are so many types of pain that finding that “magic pill” is a goal that can keep us going and trying to find some relief. I am not looking for a “fix”…Rather “some” relief as more realistic for me. Thank you @bkruppa for helping me think a tad more realistically about controlling pain.

2 hours ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

Hey y’all please don’t blame me if you gain a few pounds!! Why I spending more time with Don these days. 😉
Grateful for the motivational skills of others.

12 hours ago · Reunion With Brother After Years (Severe Anxiety) in Depression & Anxiety

@hopeful33250 Thank you as this info was informative.

13 hours ago · ~ just dropping by ~ in Mental Health

@amberpep Hey there girl when those uglies come from the past it can leave one feeling so alone and afraid. I would that these attacks would not be so painful. All one can do is tough it out. Sure hoping you are okay and getting reality squared back round.

13 hours ago · ~ just dropping by ~ in Mental Health

@johnbishop Thank you John for the uplifting share.