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2 hours ago · My neck started cracking. Arthritis? Any ideas? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@wgatap21 Good morning. Of course you may ask. I am 77. Surgery was in 2013. Do you have other additional explanations about the cracks and pops? Be at ease today. Chris

12 hours ago · My neck started cracking. Arthritis? Any ideas? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@wgatap21, @colleenyoung, This is a post-surgery image of my titanium inserts. Evidently, sometimes the cracking is because one of the fusions did not fuse well enough. My surgeon warned me to wear the full brace for 3 months in order to ensure that the fusion was complete. I only threw the darn thing across the room once….when its annoyance overcame my caution.

Another thought is that the ligaments in the neck can pop or snap across the metal when the head is turned. To prevent that, I had my yoga guru design neck stretches for me. As long as I make them part of my daily practice, I don't hear the popping so much. And when I do hear it and feel it….not pain, just weird movement and sounds, I take a few moments to stretch the muscles and get things aligned again.

Do you make sure that your body is in alignment every day? What do you use to make sure?

May you be content and at ease. Chris

14 hours ago · TKR: Pre vs Post surgery ROM related? in Joint Replacements

Good evening @phoenixpal, it is great to have you on Connect, especially since you are preparing for your TKR next month. So many folks have an opportunity to improve their quality of life with this very effective surgery, especially with the new materials and a realistic adoption of effective rehabilitation techniques. We will be here to support you no matter what time and what you have questions about.

I would like you to read the link at the end of this reply. It was posted just a few days ago. This is my own TKR education and as I read about others who make wise choices meant for longevity, I have renewed faith in my choices. I know that each patient is different…..age, gender, lifestyle, health condition, etc. That is precisely why it is important to plan a rehab based upon your specific situation. For example, you state that you suffered an injury 12 years ago. That means that you may be younger, in better physical shape and not suffering from the wear and tear that most 60+-year-olds encounter. I am 77 and my knee developed what are called "crystals" perhaps from climbing and hiking for many years. With the special care and guidance of my surgeon and my MFR (Myofascial Release) therapists and /PT practitioners, I can walk along the river, and play "horsey goes a walking" with my grandchildren.

In my daily gentle yoga practice, I can hug my knees, do the pigeon, the child's pose, and scoot across the floor on my knees to get something. I don't need or want to do more at this age. I want to keep the strength and mobility I have without risking injury or being too aggressive.

There are lots of TKR patients and former patients here. So many are happy with their new pain-free knee and we are glad to hear from them. You said you have been trolling on Connect, Do you have concerns or a need for more information about the procedure? What has been most valuable from your trolling perspective?


May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering. Chris

21 hours ago · Shoulder replacement in Joint Replacements

Good afternoon @mayoclinic4sale. Thank you for that positive and thorough review of your replacement journey, Bowling??? with which arm? I too remember feeling that as long as the pain is gone, I can work on the function over time. Other than a couple of bumps when I caught it on my snow jacket…..everything is fine. Can you describe for others your rating of the rehab process?

How long did it take before you were able to determine that the surgery was a success? How has your surgeon responded to your
pain-free assessment. What was significant about your rehab treatments? What worked best? So happy for you. Be content and happy now. Chris

1 day ago · So tired of being stuck... in Depression & Anxiety

Wow, all I can say is Wow. Your gifts are your amazing talents…for languages, athletics, visual activity. Have you ever used your Spanish for private or family ESL? I found that to be gratifying.

It just seems like “intellectual and deeply philosophical” doesn’t match up with “often and easily discouraged”. Self compassion might be the order of the day,

My life partner was hospitalized for depression when it took away his ability to sleep. His psychiatrist, who he still checks in with, told him……”Just say yes to something”.

That is how he found me.

Be content and at ease. Chris

1 day ago · So tired of being stuck... in Depression & Anxiety

@lintak1tx Good evening and a huge welcome to Connect. I think @lioness explained our purpose and the way we go about it. I remember just one year ago sort of panicking because my foggy brain made it impossible for me to continue with my volunteer job helping the design team build a community center for my "village". And then while caregiving for my life partner, I found Connect and the search for energizing activities that have educational and social value just presented itself.

You mentioned that your Psychiatrist keeps testing new medications. Sometimes that is the best thing to do. It is difficult to find an anti-depressant just meant for you. How often are you resorting to Prestiq?

The depressive feelings about having no value at 62 are of concern. Do you have the bouts of depression even while on Prestiq? Life changes and especially transitions from one stage to another require more mindful attention. Do you feel safe now from inner harm?

Everyone has a gift to share….I didn't think I had one. I can't sing, dance, paint, cook. Gave up crafts long ago. My gift is that of a good "editor" eye…..works beautifully when selecting fabric for the deck furniture…..yet drives everyone crazy when we go to hang wall art and I fuss over 1/8 of an inch.

What is your gift and how have you used it?

Be safe and protected. Chris

2 days ago · Shoulder replacement in Joint Replacements

Good afternoon @swarne1011 and a big welcome to Connect. As mentors, we are here to share our experiences and help you find answers to your questions. As I read your question, I think that you are asking if there is evidence to back up your doctor's comment about age-appropriate shoulder replacement surgery.

I have had multiple shoulder surgeries including a reverse replacement. Let's begin with my general knowledge. Does it make sense to say that older patients notice a greater improvement in function than the younger patients and with less discomfort? Essentially the thinking is that older folks have had more pain and loss of function for much longer than younger patients. Their expectations may not be as high as the younger folks who want to play basketball again in six weeks. They would accept being pain-free as a good outcome.

Are you considering a shoulder replacement? At 58, was this from an injury or accident? Have you previously had rotator cuff repair?
Be well and at ease. Chris

3 days ago · Nail ridges in Neuropathy

@sparshall. Thanks for that idea. I hope that the nails keep growing strong and stable. Today she showed me how the new nail was replacing the old broken one. Put me on your list for information on the Kerasol product. Be content and at ease. Chris