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1 hour ago · Stiff Person Syndrome in Brain & Nervous System

Good evening @trs, That is a wonderful idea to keep a journal. You are so spot on about being your own teacher with cannabis. Would you please share your reason for using it. What are your spasms about? Is it your primary source of pain control? I use tincture….both 1:1 and 2:1 …one in the am and one in the afternoon and pm. Have you tried the "hold it under your tongue" method to get the tincture to work more quickly?

I am pleased with the regulatory work that has been done to ensure better product quality and consistency. I have never had much luck with gummies or edibles. They seem erratic and somewhat unpredictable. How do you use them? May you have a lovely sleep.

1 hour ago · Feeling at my wits end with Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@dazzah1234 Good evening @dazzah1234, welcome to Connect. I have no medical background, just a willingness to listen and to share information with you. Would it be possible for you to tell me about your pain? Do you have a diagnosis as to its cause? Let's start with that very important information about you. May you be safe and protected. Chris

4 hours ago · Feeling at my wits end with Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@jmweissler, I want to acknowledge your Mother’s passing. That is a very rough time. May your special memories console you. Chris

4 hours ago · Feeling at my wits end with Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@jmweissler, @rwinney, Good evening to both of you. And thank you @jmweissler for responding with some pertinent information. Unfortunately, everything you said has a good chance of being true, in states that have a medical use product list that is only for licensed conditions.

CA had medical use only for a few years. It was not a problem to get the license for chronic pain. It was a real problem to find products of consistent good quality. I do need help with the meaning of “pot” as you refer to it. What types of products fit in the category of “pot”. Thanks so much, May you have a peaceful sleep. Chris

10 hours ago · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

@mamacita, Good afternoon. I had hoped to note that everything was sunshine and roses for you by now. You are definitely worthy of positive regard no matter what happened or who made it happen. I have had some experience with this attempt to communicate. So here's the story. You knew I would have one because at 77 everyone has a lifetime of stories that seem to fit any situation.

So here's the story….for real this time. In 1998 I founded a non-profit art alliance to support performing and visual artists and their work in a mountain tourist town. At this point, it is phenomenally successful and I left it to fly on its own. In the beginning, visual artists thought there was too much emphasis on the galleries. At the annual meeting, their spokesperson stood up and read 5 pages of their complaints and demands. Boy was I caught flat-footed. The next thing was supposed to be me hanging in effigy in the center of town. I was flabbergasted and sad. Not angry. The board decided to proceed and I was stil the President but I never was able to sit down and have a conversation with the artist leaders. I just let my behavior speak for me.

Have a big dose of self-compassion today. Chris

1 day ago · Feeling at my wits end with Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

Rachel, good afternoon. Your post was amazingly thorough and genuine. This is what I learned. You want to be free of any adherence to medications and their side effects. You want to be as pain-free as possible to enjoy your family and activities that have meaning in your life.

If I could offer the choice of a plant-derived treatment to assist you with your daily pain challenges and a promise to always care about your progress from afar, what would you choose? If it is medical cannabis then here is what a typical day might be:

Morning: Tincture 1:1 CBD/THC Topical: 1:3 or 3:1
Afternoon: Tincture 2:1 CBD/THC Topical: 1:3 or 3:1
Evening: Same
Bedtime: Same

While there hasn't been enough time to design and develop longitudinal studies, there may be some clinical trials. Initially, you would be an experimenter….noting your responses and reactions. For example, I acknowledge and note those times when I have a 100% pain-free moment. It just happens and stops me in my tracks.

Do you have legal access to medical cannabis now? I notice that you didn't mention Yoga. Are you able to stretch comfortably? Have you tried restorative yoga? At this time, do you practice mindful meditation? I hope you sleep well again tonight with an appreciation for how far you have come in acknowledging and accepting your medical challenges.

2 days ago · pain and discouragement in Depression & Anxiety

Oh my goodness John @johnbishop. I am so sorry about your kitties. I can just see one lying on your shoulder. My biggest struggle right now is the grieving for my precious Roxie. I think that it weighs heavily because I have made the decision to never have another love sponge, aka, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I do not want to deny my pet a fully functioning owner or to leave before her. I catch my self going to the Castlemar Cavalier website or watching the Toronto Cavalier meet up. Meditation does help. I also have a shrine with a painting of her. When I wake up I listen for her breathing or wait for her to come in the dog door and jump up to say good morning. Then it hits. She is gone. What treasures pets are for us to love. Chris

3 days ago · Feeling at my wits end with Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

Good evening, Rachel, @rwinney. Thank you so much for being a bright and shining light in my day. You are so good at writing with descriptive words that say you care. The challenges you are facing appear to be hitting from every front, relentless pain, overwhelmingly drab financial issues, continuing and multiple medical conditions. And yet, what comes across is someone with a great smile and a twinkle in her eye. I want to contribute to your efforts to keep your life moving forward in a healthy and happy manner.

What I didn't realize in time was that every fall from a horse, each and every rear-end collision, every flight of steps or mountain I fell down, could not be eradicated by all of those let's fix it surgeries by well-meaning and skilled surgeons. They all came with a price…….not in dollars but in the onslaught of lifestyle restrictions.

When two of my friends asked me what I was doing for the pain in the middle of the night, with a full moon and howling coyotes out my window….I responded that I just sat on the edge of the bed and cried. They are both nurses and told me to follow them. That was five years ago and my introduction to medical cannabis.

What are you most concerned about this evening? How can I help you find the best options for you? I would like to start by unequivocally stating that I am not going through my life high. The druggy feeling from Percocet or Dilaudid is much more than you ever need to feel from any of the three best medical cannabis products, tinctures, topicals and with caution, vaping oils.

Perhaps it might be possible for you to tell me about your pain over a 24 hr period. Have you categorized it in any way? Do you have numbness, tingles or needle-like pricks anywhere in your body? Do you have electrical zaps in your body at 5:30 a.m.? Do you ever have a feeling that there is a fire right beneath your skin over your abdomen? How else would you describe the location, type, and level of your pain?

Have a peaceful sleep tonight. Chris