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Jul 5, 2017 · Heart Attack at 37 in Heart & Blood Health

Hi, my name is lily. When I had my daughter at 38 weeks which they induced. Because they thought it would be best. 13 days later I felt pressure in middle of my chest that would come and go. Then a little sick at stomach. The five days before bad headaches like I never felt I thought it was from, very little sleep new baby, other kids etc. But on the day of chest discomfort I went to hospital after calling my Dr. office, they told me to go. The EKG was fine but the cardiac labs came back that something was happing. I stayed over night one Dr. came in and said you have to go to cardiac floor and they came in through the night and said cardiac labs are increasing. In the morning thank God still here. I got a angiogram and Dr. said it was a Spontanenous dissection. Or Scad. Do to hormonal shifting. On meds. Scary. I pray it wont happen again. I’m fit I don’t smoke or drink healthy prior to this. Took coreg .But due to it dropping my bp. new Dr. took me off suddenly I had flutters etc. But I never had them before .Pharmacist said I needed to when now on metoprolol