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Jul 4, 2017 · Treating Osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

My bone density has progressively worsened. I have a family history of osteoporosis and I am only 65. My number last year was -2.9. Last year I was prescribed fosomax, but could not tolerate it with my digestive issues. So I was given a Reclast infusion. I hydrated well prior to and took one advil; I had no negative side effects. I have been on Vitamin D, 1200mg of cLcium, and weight bearing exercise for a year. This year my scan was -2.9.
I had a physician mention that due to my complete lack of sun exposure (pre skin cancer issues) that the vitamin D and calcium could not be utilized. He recommended a UV light with full spectrum UV To help activate the vitamin D. I just purchased it and will use it a few minutes when I am nude after showering. We shall see if this helps.