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Fri, Mar 15 8:00am · Appointments and tests we don't think are necessary? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

I can only repeat what an ER Dr said when I asked about a test, "You have bee to Mayo, they do everything, and the results were negative. This Dr was at University hospital Madison Wisconsin, NOT a 2nd rated medical facility at all. I just returned from Mayo last night, I was scheduled to be in surgery this AM, but one of the team didn't agree with doing it without stopping my blood thinner first, I am not happy, but understand. They very much use the team method up there and put your heath first. Their LIVING motto is "The needs of the patient come first before anything else." You will be in great hands.

Wed, Mar 6 6:55am · Year lasting cough in Lung Health

First, have talked to your Doctor? I say this only because it's impossible for a medical person to diagnose w/o seeing you in person. What color is the phlegm, does it change, ect. If your Doctor can't solve the problem ask to be referred to a specialist.

Fri, Feb 15 9:13am · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

There is a new treatment. FDA approved, ZEPHYR VALVES… GOOGLE IT. The procedure places one way, exhale, in damaged lung making it resembling lung volume reduction surgery without surgical intervention. It will require about 5 days in the hospital.

Sep 15, 2018 · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

Marc, I have asked that question at mayo Rochester… their repl was it is being worked on, not FDA approved so insurance won't cover..and is an expensive gamble.

Sep 2, 2018 · Linx procedure in Digestive Health

RFA, radio frequency ablation. They use radio frequency to burn off 3 microns of barretts skin, then you keep the acid off and the normal skin to grow back.

Sep 2, 2018 · Linx procedure in Digestive Health


I had a 4 in. Barretts segment, with high grade displaysia…. went through about 6 RFA treatments,

Aug 24, 2018 · Hx FAP, resection at 10. December 2017 GERDS 24/7. Meds not helping. in Digestive Health

Lisa, I am not a Dr, or medical professional, and the only experience I have had is a 3 mm hiatal hernia, 4 inch segement of Barrett's, multiple RFA treatments (the first was the worst… burning 3 microns of esophagus for 360 degrees over 4 inches… it wasn't the time to go to KFC for some extra crispy.
Most of this was done at UW Madison clinics, Last time I went to Mayo's Barrett's clinic…. a good move.

Aug 23, 2018 · Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency - just been diagnosed in Lung Health

If I am not wrong, you will pass to your children, an S or Z. All the more reason to have them checked.